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Unbundled Services

Affordable Options for Divorce & Child Custody

Unbundled Services:

Our Unbundled Services are the most affordable options we offer for your Family Court, divorce or custody case.  If you don’t want to spend thousands in legal fees working with an attorney or if just want to keep lawyer fees to a minimum you can let us assist you in preparing specified portions of your Family Court case. Unbundled Services can need help with Divorce; Custody; Modification; Relocation; Contempt; Enforcement, Settlement, Mediation or any other Family Court matter.

Find out details on how the process works here. 

List of Services Offered:

  • Document Preparation/Organization – any legal document or correspondence will be drafted for you based on the details you provide. Includes Petitions, Motions, Letters, Responses, etc. (Ideal for anyone who needs help with a portion of a pending case or one they are considering starting.)

  • Document Review/Interpretation any legal document or correspondence will be reviewed and interpreted for you, a court document, legal document or correspondence. Includes Motions, Discovery, Letters, etc. (Ideal for anyone who needs help with a portion of a pending case or one they are considering starting.)

  • Legal Research – have a search done for caselaw, statutes, laws, procedural rules that apply to your case. (Ideal for anyone who has a case pending or considering starting a case but want to have the relevant applicable laws to bolster their case.)

  • Judge Background Search have a search of your judge’s previous rulings in cases similar to yours. (Ideal for anyone whose case has already been assigned to a judge.)

  • Asset Search/Background Searchhave a personal background investigation or financial/asset search done. (Ideal for anyone looking to locate info on someone that is a party or witness to a current case.)

  • Attorney Search & Screeningget help choosing the most qualified attorney to represent you. (Ideal for those who have worked with attorneys in the past and have not had good experiences or those who would like help vetting and screening new attorneys to ensure professional compatibility.)

  • Uncontested Divorce (Done for You or Done with You)have the forms prepared for you or have the entire process done for you. (Ideal for anyone who would have the entire process done for them or who just wants some assistance with completing documents & filing them.)

  • Best Interests of the Child Factors-Child Custody Analysishave a thorough custody analysis using the “Best Interests of the Child” factors of your state applied to the facts of your case. (NOT ideal for those who have not been to court yet since the best analysis takes into account the other parent’s claims of being most “fit” or seeking sole custody.)

  • Pro Se (Self Represented) Trial Folder/Notebookhave a comprehensive and organized folder prepared using all of your petitions, evidence, caselaw, etc. to adequately for trial/hearing. (Ideal for those who think they are able to handle their trial on their own.)

  • Strategic Action  Plan (Casemap) have a complete & thorough analysis of your ENTIRE case which would include applying relevant laws, organizing evidence, highlighting the Strengths & Weaknesses, coming up with Actions to Take and so much more.  This is like having a “paper lawyer”.  (Ideal for anyone who wants to start off their case with a clear vision & plan to success; anyone who has a case pending and represented by an attorney but want something more precise or anyone who has a case pending but don’t have an attorney and would like a clear roadmap to success.)

  • Forms/Templatesblank forms are available for you to complete on your own. For all fifty (50) states. (Ideal for anyone who has a case, starting a case, represented by an attorney or pro se who needs a form or template to handle some aspects of their case on their own.)

What are Unbundled Services and Who should use them?

A lot of times people who are self represented might need help with certain aspects of their case.  For instance, you might need help drafting a Modification petition in your custody case.  People who are represented by an attorney may also want outside assistance with things like research, firing their lawyer, etc. 

Unbundled Services can help in these instances. If you are representing yourself, working on an agreement or resolution with the other party or just want to keep legal costs down by handling portions of your case yourself, Unbundled Services is what you need.  

We Prepare and Review documents such as, petitions or complaints, responses or answers, modification/relocation/contempt motions, discovery requests and responses, motions, correspondence, trial memos and much more.  We use our professional expertise to ensure that the documents we prepare meet your state’s requirements. 

We also provide professional level Personal Background and Financial/Asset searches.  Our contractors are licensed private investigators and will provide an in depth investigation to prepare you for custody or divorce trial, mediation or settlement.  If you suspect that your ex or soon to be ex is withholding important information or hiding assets, our experienced asset and background search will help you find that information or assets. 

Our Legal Research and Judge Background Searches allows you to prepare an effective claim or defense in your divorce or custody case. We provide extensive caselaw, statute or administrative law research so that you are prepared to argue your position with authority.  It is crucial that you research your judge’s previous decisions and other public opinions to have insight on how he or she would rule on important issues like “the best interests of the child”. We can conduct a thorough search of your judge (depending on your state). 

We have experienced Process Servers, in NY & NJ, who will serve any party located within these jurisdictions, no matter where you are. They will provide proof of service pursuant to the laws of your state. 

Our Uncontested Divorce is an affordable way to get divorced without incurring excessive lawyer fees.  We work closely with you in preparing the necessary documents quickly and efficiently.  All issues must be agreed upon to be eligible for Uncontested Divorce but if there is no such agreements, we can help negotiate terms of any part of your divorce with our coaching or consulting services. Uncontested Divorce can save time and money through streamlined court procedures.

The Best Interests of the Child Factors Analysis takes an in depth look a the facts of your case and the factors of your particular jurisdiction and comes up with an analysis to strengthen your argument for or against. Most states have an average of 10-12 factors that the court must examine when it makes a determination about custody, relocation, modification and/or contempt.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to custody cases. It is important to have a clear understanding of how the facts of your case measure up to the factors the court must refer to in the process. You can use this analysis to help you word your petitions, to determine when to file for modification and much more.  

The Pro Se Trial Folder/Notebook is an extremely valuable resource for the pro se or self represented litigant whose family law case is going to trial. Trial preparation is very important and can be quite overwhelming, it’s a challenge for attorneys let alone the self-represented.  The trial folder will provide all the necessary issues, defenses, etc. necessary to put on the best case possible. It will include a personalized Opening Statement, a suggested Witness List, all Exhibits, the pertinent laws/statutes, the opposition’s case, Closing Statement and more.  You should NOT proceed to trial/hearing without this resource.

Our Strategic Action Plan (Casemap) is our personalized, comprehensive full out report that will provide everything you need to present your case.  This Casemap will include a very thorough analysis of all the relevant issues in your case.  I review all relevant documents; conduct extensive caselaw research; cite all pertinent laws, statutes, etc.; verify court status; lookup your assigned judge and their background, years of practice & previous decisions (this varies for each jurisdiction and is subject to the rules of their state); background of other appointed professionals in the case; and more.  I use all of this information to analyze your case’s strengths & weaknesses; to develop a strategic plan for your case and to help you prepare for what’s to come.  This report is extremely helpful, it’s like having an attorney in your back pocket.  You can NOT afford to go a step further in your Family Court case without having this extremely helpful tool.

***NOTE: Discounts offered when you purchase more than one Unbundled Service or combine any of them with Coaching/Consulting packages.

Only need blank forms or templates?  Go here to choose the Family Law form(s) you need for any of the 50 states.

Need More than Unbundled Services?

You may need more than task related services to help you with your Family Court case.  If that is the case feel free to explore our Coaching or Consulting services.  These services will give you the 1 on 1 support you need to ensure that your case is handled appropriately. 

You can try Coaching or Consulting on a one time (hourly) basis or on a continual basis (monthly packages). Either way you will get phone and/or video support, case analysis, updates & check ins and so much more. Or take advantage of the Group Programs/Membership if you want support in a community setting.

DISCOUNTED RATES ON UNBUNDLED SERVICES for those who take advantage of the Coaching or Consulting Services. 

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Every step you take, every move you make…MATTERS!


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Unbundled Services

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