Family Court Consulting

Have questions that you can't seem to find answers unless
you're willing to spend thousands. You don't have to sacrifice
getting the results you want because you're not rich.
We can help with your pro se divorce or child custody case while saving you thousands!

Family Court Consulting is getting personal advice or 1:1 support on how to best approach your divorce or child custody case, how to prepare, plan and present your case for the best outcome and how to craft a strategy that is sure to work. Consulting is a little different than coaching in that it is more advisory in nature with an emphasis on the overall strategy.  At times it is a one time discussion on specific issues within your divorce or child custody. Whereas coaching is focused on the emotional, mental and the legal aspects of your case. The goal is to help you to develop the best plan that works for you based on the specific needs of you and your family. Consulting focuses on providing guidance by serving as a  “second set of eyes” or providing a second opinion on your plan of action, or a listening ear and so on.

Family Court Consulting is for anyone who is self-represented, is attorney represented or in between attorneys.  It doesn’t matter which stage the case is in. High-conflict divorce, contested custody, parental alienation, any type of abuse, etc. can all benefit from Family Court consulting. You can take advantage or having an advisor on an as needed, real-time basis or have regular scheduled meetings.

When we meet virtually, via Zoom, (or if you prefer by phone).  Depending on the type of service you choose, you might have text access as well. We meet to discuss your initial plan (Casemap) incorporating the details of your case and then we focus on executing that plan with precision to ensure success.  The following methods are used to provide the best results:

  • Phone
  • Video
  • Email
  • Text*

Support is provided to the client based on the package chosen.  If you need support RIGHT BEFORE any scheduled meetings or appearances then per diem might suit you. However, if you want to meet at a set time each week to discuss anything that comes up then we can do a monthly package. You choose the package that meets your needs best.

A lawyer or a therapist has limited influence on the general process of going through a divorce or custody battle. With Family Court Consulting, our goal is to bridge that gap and fill in the blanks left by the lawyer, therapist, etc. Too many times Family Court litigants have way more questions than answers but have no one to ask in real time. Especially right before an emergency motion, or hearing or trial. Not to mention, the lawyer will focus on the law, the therapist will focus on the emotional/mental, no one helps you to focus on the practical, logical or the strategic. That’s where we come in. We offer a different perspective on EVERY aspect of your case, from angles that your lawyer hasn’t viewed the case. This will greatly increase your chances of scoring the victory you desire, and your lawyer struggles to get. There is NO MAGIC BULLET so no one can guarantee any specific outcome. But there are things you can implement that can certainly increase your chances of getting more “wins”. 

The Family Court system is designed to beat you down and snatch away all hope from you. With my decades of experience in Family court, you would never feel alone or left out while having to battle your way through court.

Consulting Packages

Per diem, On Call Service:

Receive as needed phone or text support at any stage of your divorce or child custody case for as often as you need based on chosen time blocks.  You can use the time in any order, anytime you need real time support.  

Rates are:

5 hours package: $1,250

10 hours package: $2,400

20 hours package: $4,800


The per diem service covers:

NOTE: Our Trial Prep service, or any Unbundled Services not listed, are not covered.  These are separate services. 

Monthly packages:

The Consulting Packages come in different options:

One Month package: $1,495

Three Month package: $3,995

Six Month package: $7,495

The packages includes: