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Family Court Consulting

Too busy to learn the confusing process or to catch all the critical details on your own,
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Family Court Consulting

What you need to know about Family Court Consulting:

Family Court Consulting is our unique service aimed specifically towards providing the most 1:1 support for pro se litigants.  We help with EVERY SINGLE aspect of your case so that you don’t have to worry about anything….well almost EVERYTHING. We help you come up with a strategy for your case; we help with your research; we prepare documents*; we review documents*; we file documents on your behalf; help you find the right fit if you need an attorney; help you with locating addresses; and so much more.   We serve as your  “second set of eyes and ears” so to speak. 

NOTE: The services are offered by an experienced family law professional with more than twenty (20) years in the field. As a Family Court Strategist™, Tracey Bee, is able to assess your case from every possible angles in an effort to minimize the most commonly made mistakes in divorce and custody cases. 

Family Court Consulting is for anyone who is tired of being ripped off by incompetent attorneys, or are sick of being defeated by the conniving other party or are over the severe angst being in Family Court causes.  Although we focus our services on the needs of the self-represented, we do help lawyer-represented Family Court litigants as well.  We understand that the Family Court experience can be life-altering so we use our expertise to help anyone who needs us..  It doesn’t matter which stage the case is in or whether it’s a high-conflict divorce, a highly litigious contested custody, or has unique issues like parental alienation, our Family Court consulting can only increase your chances of getting the best outcome for you and your family. 

We DO NOT replace your attorney nor do we try to convince you that you can be one. However, we do what is necessary to level the playing field so that your case has a fighting chance of success.  Because our service is in high demand, we limit the number of clients we work with.  In addition, you would have to APPLY to become one of the select few we work with.  If accepted, you will then provide the full details of your case facts and documents, then we review all your relevant documents, after that we conduct extensive research (the court, your judge, the attorneys, etc.); once that’s done we assess your case “position” and last, we created a Gameplan that we believe will work for you.  We communicate often, meet weekly (or as needed) and constantly focus on executing your case Gameplan. 

NOTE: Although the Unbundled Services are included in the package, there is a limit to the number of services based on the package you choose. 

We believe that deciding to represent yourself or putting all of your trust in a family law attorney are decisions that require extensive consideration. The fate of your family’s situation deserves your undivided attention. We can help you either way. From the moment you begin your Family Court experience, we can help you make the best decisions for you and your family.  Whether you decide to work with us for one month or one year, we serve as your second set of eyes, as additional pair of listening of ears and as an objective advisor along the way. Lawyers will focus on the law and therapists focus on the emotional/mental, but there’s no one helps you to focus on the practical, logical or the strategic. That’s where we come in. We offer a different perspective on EVERY aspect of your case, from angles that you or your lawyer hasn’t considered, I guarantee you that.  

NOTE: We do NOT offer legal advice. 


Our proven A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method is the process we use in almost every working relationship we have.  However, because the process is based on us building trust, on your cooperation, and our extensive assessment of your ENTIRE situation, it is impossible to implement the method when our time together is brief (the longer the duration of our working relationship, the more aligned our process results will be.)

Find out more about the A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ method here


1:1 consulting/ coaching packages

Ideal for the self-represented but beneficial to those who have a lawyer too. 

Most people in Family Court are on their second, third or tenth round of motions, petitions or something else (Lane 3 and/or Lane 4).  As self-represented or lawyer-represented, you are sure to have way more questions that need immediate answers than you can imagine.  You can NOT afford to take any chances this time around, your children’s future is at stake. Be smart now, even if you are new to Family Court, don’t fall for the most common mistake many fall for. You absolutely NEED someone by your side to work with you on creating a solid Gameplan AND executing that Gameplan to ensure you get the final outcome you can live with.

Monthly packages are intended to provided more consistent, structured and longer duration support so that we can build solid rapport. So if your case has sensitive issues, involves false allegations, deals with parental alienation or you’re dealing with narcissists (the other party, the lawyers or the judge can be the narcissist) then you should choose the LONGER package.  


NOTE: The longer we work together (the bigger package), the better I can assess your case, get to understand what the “real” issues are and the I am able to work with you from a wholistic perspective. A lot of times it’s not just the other party, the lawyers, the judge or the process that destroys your case, it’s your perception of each of these. 



The Packages includes:
The Benefits of the Packages are:


THREE (3) Packages to choose from:

Need help preparing for your upcoming Family Court hearing or trial? 

You don’t need 1:1 Consulting, you need more in-depth help preparing your case for the inevitable overwhelm of a Family Court trial. 

We are the ONLY service in the USA offering 1:1 trial preparation support for self-represented Family Court litigants. And, and, …we have helped several litigants “win” their pro se trial.  We are able to do this because we have an experienced trial preparation team that will make your Family Court trial experience bearable creating the confidence you need to “win”. 

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We can't help you become a lawyer but we can help you ADVOCATE in Family Court.


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Value your position


Other Party's turn


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Having a solid Gameplan is the key to beating the Family Court system!

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