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JUST ADDED! Family Court Pro Se Coaching Services

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We provide professional help with all your divorce or child custody needs. We will ensure that your experience with divorce or child custody is not as traumatic as it often is.


Unbundled Services

We can help you prepare family law documents, review documents that you prepared or drafted by Someone else. Legal research judges search and attorney screening are offered too. We also conduct personal Background searches, asset searches, and more.



We offer support and guidance as you proceed through the legal process. We can advise you if you need a “court buddy” to accompany you to every court or mediation hearing, a second set of Eyes as backup & or just someone on call to answer your questions.



We have services available where we are with you at each step, to offer emotional support to help alleviate the stress & strain that usually accompanies most divorces & custody cases. We can support you when your support system is nonexistent or just isn’t enough.

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We do everything except make court appearances!


  • Someone asked me where did I find you Ms. Bee, I told them God sent you

    Cardi B.

  • What you are doing to help women like me is so needed and I appreciate you for it

    Sasheema M.

  • Your services are one of a kind and are making a difference, may God bless you

    Toni M.

  • I wish I found you before I wasted so much money on lawyers.  I needed you from the beginning but I’m glad I found you now

    Nadia L.

  • I have worked with lawyers before and they are all only concerned with making money off of their clients. You are very different

    Karina O.

  • You have found your calling as a divorce consultant and coach, I am so happy for you.  You saved me tons of headaches, heartaches and money

    Lisa W.

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