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Fed up working with disappointing family law attorneys? Not getting the results you were promised?

If you have been in  Family Court for a while you know that it’s a ton of BS that you need a bulldog attorney, or the highest priced attorney or the attorney that promises you a particular outcome to get your “win”. Attorneys have their own agenda, and doing exactly what you ask of them is probably not it. Not everyone can handle their case on their own we know that, but for the ones who refuse to hire another disappointing attorney, I’m here to help. It’s not the result you should worry about, it is the experience. The toll it takes on you can cause you to sabotage your own case. Don’t let that happen! 

We can’t guarantee a specific outcome but we can make sure that you level the playing field. 

*Serving all 50 states.* 


Family Court Data
Number of Family Court Pro Se Litigants Successfully Served by Us

Family Court litigants have the some of the same complaints, whether they are pro se or lawyer represented. 

👎🏽The judges don’t listen;

👎🏽The judges believes the lies;

👎🏽The judges don’t apply the laws;

👎🏽The judges are biased;

👎🏽There is corruption;

👎🏽The system is flawed;

…….the list is endless.

Based on this we can all agree on one thing, the Family Court process is dysfunctional and can be traumatic no matter WHO YOU ARE!

So what do you do, especially if you are self-represented? Well, you don’t give up. You do what you can to the best of your ability to advocate for you and your family. That means creating a solid Gameplan that covers all bases, leaving little room for mistakes. 

Our Services:

Each of our services is specifically geared to help you understand the confusing legal process, navigate the the complex court system and present your case in the best way possible. Ideal for the self-represented, but beneficial to lawyer-represented as well. 

Let us use our proven effective A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method to help you successfully navigate your way through the tormenting process.

Find out what we offer:

Unbundled Services 1024px

Unbundled Services (For Anyone)

Can't afford to pay for consulting or coaching? This is the most affordable option for most. You can have your documents drafted or reviewed; legal research done or a background search done for you no matter what stage you're case is in. You can choose 1 or several of these services as needed when you don't know how to do it yourself.

1:1 Consulting
& Coaching
(For Pro Se)

This 1:1 support is ideal for pro se litigants. We provide assistance based on your case, budget and amount of support need. Includes virtual meetings, a strategic plan to help you understand your case and help you take steps to reach your desired outcome. Helpful for anyone going through disputed custody case or divorce, narcissistic abuse, DV/IPV and parent alienation cases.
NOTE: No legal advice given.

Workshops, E-Guides, Workbooks & Forms
(For Anyone)

These items are for anyone who want help with specific topics in family law. Our live workshops, helpful guides, workbooks and blank forms are available to help with Trial Preparation, organizing Evidence, legal research, motions, petitions, and so much more. The products are very helpful for those who need help RIGHT NOW but can't afford coaching.

Uncontested Divorce
(For Pro Se)

We help you with your Do-it-Yourself Uncontested Divorce from beginning to end. Get our help with obtaining the forms, filling them out, having them filed, getting the other party served and ensuring that your Uncontested Divorce final judgment is in your hands.
NOTE: No legal advice given.

Family Court Consulting

Why should you work with us instead of (or in addition to) an attorney?

If you are new to Family Court then let me let you in a some secrets…you don’t NEED to spend your entire retirement on legal fees nor do you absolutely need to have an attorney represent you. The only thing you really need is to know that you have options.  Contrary to what anyone tells you, there are in fact options.

And if you’ve been in Family Court for a while now, then you know that nothing is as it seems. Everything you thought about how it would be is the exact opposite. 

Whichever category you fall in, know that I am here to guide you to the TRUTH which will get you much farther ahead than you’ve been before now. As a Family Court Strategist & Coach (with 20 years in family law), I have no obligation to do anything but lead you to exactly where you want to go… to victory.  Well, actually there’s no such thing as victory in Family Court, but I can definitely lead you to get better outcomes than what you’ve been getting…I GUARANTEE IT.  

We can assure you that you that with us, you will get actual answers, (“real” answers); learn the (ugly) truth about the process and  master plotting your next move, everything that really matters when you’re in Family Court.

Schedule a call TODAY so we can discuss your Gameplan!

With our services you will:

Past Client's Testimonials

One thing I teach my client is to question EVERYTHING, or most things. So don’t take my word for how my unique methods help so many people like  you. Read for yourself. 

Kevin H.
Kevin H.
Read More
"I would not have been able to get through this corrupt system without Tracey's help. The lies, deceit, manipulation are things I'm used to but her help definitely got me through it."
Anthony U.
Anthony U.
Read More
"...You truly are doing the Lord's work..."
Cassandra J.
Cassandra J.
Read More
"I went to court seeking sole custody and everybody told me it wouldn't happen. I took what I learned from Tracey B. and got it. I got sole custody."

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