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The key to Family Court success happens OUTSIDE of the courtroom.
Hiring the most expensive lawyer won't matter, you need to work with a Family Court STRATEGIST!

Why should you work with a divorce Strategist instead of a lawyer?


Because EVERY move you make BEFORE you step into the courtroom matters the most in Family Court!

Strategist vs. Attorney

Preparing Your Case
divorce coaching

Save thousands in legal fees!

No matter which service you choose, you save yourself THOUSANDS in fees! And still get better results.

If you need HELP picking the right service use the CHAT feature below OR schedule a FREE 15 min call.

Our Services

NO ONE else is going to get you the results the way you want!

We focus on strategy because that’s what actually works.  Whether you are self represented and attorney represented you need to take control. We can work with you on a ONE-TIME basis to create our Unique Strategic Action Plan (Unbundled Services). Or if you need more in depth support we can work with you on strategy on a continual basis (Coaching/Consulting). All of our services focus on what’s best for your case from a practical, legal AND financial position.

the divorce coach

Unbundled Services

We offer a la carte services for specific legal needed. They include: preparing or reviewing any document; researching issues; doing investigations; creating a customized STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN, Best Interests Analysis or Trial Preparation. WE SELL BLANK FORMS TOO.

the divorce coach


We offer support for those who need more 1 on 1 help with their case. Consulting focuses more on the practical aspects of your case with a view of the law and procedures on a one time or consistent basis. Have someone to help you at every stage. Don't leave any details uncovered in your case.

the divorce coach


This is ideal for self represented parties who need 1 on 1 support as they try to work through the Family Court system on their own. Coaching provides help with the court procedures, the practical measures and the overall process. Group or Membership programs available too.



Mediation is ideal for those who are looking for an affordable method to resolve their divorce or custody issues. You get to make the decisions with the help of a neutral third party experienced professional. Not all cases need to go the court route. Save yourself time, stress and money.

See HOW we can increase your chances of "WINNING"!

You have everything to lose and everything to GAIN!

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