The Diavorce Solutionist

Family Court is not at all what most think it is. It's not just about the law or who has the deepest pockets. I have the missing link that's keeping you from your desired outcomes!

Don’t take chances counting on the laws or wasting thousands of dollars on lawyers who only disappoint you. You need to focus on what really works, not what you’ve been told works…that is STRATEGY. Work with a strategist, I can guarantee you will get 1000% better results than doing it on your own or with high-priced lawyers.

*Serving all 50 states.*

Receive one on one support for your Family court case.

We take the time to get to know the specific facts of your case, to explain the process and work with you on which steps is best for your specific goals. We are there to give you the 1:1 support you need through every step of the way.

It gets hard doing it on your own but we make it easier.

We managed to come up with solutions, techniques, and tips that are specifically geared to help you understand the Family Court process the way no one else will. We take the time to focus on your case strategically.

Something for every case and every budget.

We specialize in helping self-represented but our services have been known to help those who have an attorney too. No matter what stage your case is at, we have a service that can help you with any part of your case.

Our Services:

Not everyone needs the same level of help or support. Some need more 1:1, while others get the same benefits from having a second set of eyes and ears to look over things. Either way, we have something for everyone, no matter what stage the case is in. 

Unbundled Services 1024px

Unbundled Services

Can't afford to pay for consulting or coaching? This is the most affordable option for most. You can have your documents drafted or reviewed; legal research done or a background search done for you no matter what stage you're case is in. You can choose 1 or several of these services as needed when you don't know how to do it yourself.

Prices start at $199.


If you need more 1:1 support, then our consulting or coaching packages are best for you. We offer several packages, based on your case, budget and amount of support needed. This includes regular meetings where we create a strategic plan for your case and discuss tactics you should use to ensure success. This is very helpful when your case is mid-high conflict and you don't feel confident doing it all on your own.
Prices start at $1,495.

Workshops, Guides, Workbooks & Forms

We offer LIVE workshops, helpful guides and workbooks and blank forms that can be used when you need help with Trial Preparation, organizing Evidence, learning how to find Case Law or writing effective petitions/motions. These are very helpful for those who need help RIGHT NOW but can't afford coaching.
Prices start at $29 and $149.


Which one of our services is best for you?

You need answers & results, not disappointment and large legal bills.

Whether you are just starting out or have been embroiled in a divorce or custody case for years, you need to understand some harsh realities.  If you don’t take control of your case, you will be hammered in Family Court.  You don’t have to hire the bulldog attorney, or outspend the other party in legal fees.  No, all you need to do is take matters into your own hands.  Stop being bullied and beat up on by the other party, the lawyers and the judge.  Get the support you need by working with an experienced family law professional who actually GETS IT & who will guarantee you better outcomes in your case. 

Schedule a call for help choosing the service best for your needs!

With our services you will:

Can't afford a lawyer?
Or have a lawyer, but need better outcomes?
Try one of our Consulting packages or
Join the Membership Program!

Let's be honest, Family Court is a M-E-S-S!
You can't rely on the law to get through your divorce or custody successfully.
You need practical, emotional and strategic support too....something lawyers don't give.

No one ever wanted to be in Family Court, but we are here to make the experience easier, streamlined and in your favour. Choose from our customized plans based on your requirements. You should not do this all on your own, your family is depending on you.


Email Support
$ 99
  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • Customized Strategy Plan/"Casemap" or Best Interests of the Child Analysis
  • Weekly email check-in & status update
  • A private Facebook group with daily access
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Procedural, court rules research
  • Package valued at $2,000+


Email Support & Document Review/Analysis
$ 199
  • One 30-minute consultation
  • Customized Strategy Plan/"Casemap" Best Interests of the Child Analysis
  • A private Facebook, with daily access
  • Court & Procedural rules research
  • Weekly email advice, check-in & status update
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Free forms & templates*
  • Document Review/Analysis**
  • A FREE Family Court Diary/Journal
  • Package valued at $2,500+


Biweekly Group Calls/Meetings
$ 299
  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • Customized Strategy Plan/"Casemap" Best Interests of the Child Analysis
  • Weekly Text & Email Check-in
  • A private Facebook group with daily access
  • Court Rules & Procedural Rules Research
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Free forms & templates*
  • Document Review/Analysis**
  • Biweekly Group Call
  • Half-hour Consultation with Attorney in Your State***
  • A FREE Book on Divorce or Custody *COMING SOON
  • Package valued at $3,500+

Client's Testimonials

One thing I teach my client is to question EVERYTHING, or most things. So don’t take my word for how my unique methods help so many people like  you. Read for yourself. 

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