Your Divorce Your Way

No one understands your case better than yourself. We equip and empower you to represent yourself in family court.

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Receive one on one support for Family court.

Our coaching and consulting services are perfect for attorney-represented, self-represented and pro se individuals. We are there to provide you one on one support to help you through every step.

Never give up, there is always a way.

We consider every “irrelevant” part of a case and come up with a relevant argument to help you win. We look at the case from every angle and approach the situation strategically.

Book and attend your sessions remotely

With us, you need not worry about distance or travelling. We offer our coaching and consulting services through phone, email and video.

Our Plans

It is much cheaper yet more effective than hiring a lawyer!

No one ever wanted to be in family court, but we are here to make the experience easier, streamlined and in your favour. Choose from our customized plans based on your requirements.


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$ 49
  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • Procedural, Court rules research
  • Weekly email check-in & status update


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$ 149
  • A private Facebook, with daily access
  • Legal & Procedural rules research
  • One 30-minute consultation


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$ 199
  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Weekly Text & Email Check-in

Our consulting services

Sharpen your court-related skills to be better equipped for the Family Court system. Sessions with a coach provide guidance throughout the entire process including various legal proceedings and practical measures. Choose from our Group or Membership programs to get started.

Our coaching services will provide you with:

Our Services

No one ever wanted to be in family court, but we are here to make the experience easier, streamlined and in your favour. Choose from our customized plans based on your requirements.

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Unbundled Services

Have your documents and researching issues prepared/reviewed. Suit your specific legal needs such as doing investigations, creating customized strategic plans or conducting best interest analysis and trial preparations. You also have the option to purchase blank forms based on your requirements.

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Representing yourself just got streamlined and a lot easier through our one-on-one coaching services. Work your way through stressful Family Court with confidence and skill. Our coaching services aims at educating and aiding individuals through all court procedures and practical measures. Group or membership programs are available.

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Receive much needed one-on-one support on your case through our consultation services. Our consultation sessions focus on the practical aspects of your case, in consideration of the law. Get help through every stage and cover every minute detail of your case. You may opt for a single session or a consistent, schedule-based program.

Your Divorce Your Way

Every minute detail of your case is important. Pick a consistent or one-time plan to focus on the facts and practical aspects of your case in light of the law. We are here to help you through every stage of the legal procedure.

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Family court can be a traumatic experience for many, which is why Divorce Solutionist exists to support individuals. If you wish to help us make a difference, we have got good news for you.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to work with us! Our affiliate program provides you with a brilliant opportunity to help pro se and self-represented individuals get the help they need, while getting rewarded handsomely for your effort. Earn attractive commissions for each new member you introduce to any of our yearly programs.