Document Preparation/ Review

Your divorce or custody documents are the foundational components of your court case. The proper form the correct format, the legal terminology and the substance you include in them are crucial to your case proceeding through Family Court. At the same time, your ability to assess what’s in Family Court documents is critically important as well. Filing wrong documents or misinterpreting court documents can determine the fate of your overall case. Don’t take any part of this phase for granted. If you need help with finding the correct forms, completing some forms*, with filing legal documents, understanding the language in court forms and anything related, we are here.

Not everyone can or should self-represent in their divorce or custody case.  But, this doesn’t mean that they should hire the first attorney that shows compassion or that’s referred by their dentist.  Choosing the right attorney takes time and effort, and both are essential if you want a fighting chance at getting the results you want. 

  Things to know about family law attorneys:


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