Case Preparation

Preparing your case for presenting to the court should be your major focus as a self-represented litigant. It entails ensuring that every aspect of your case from drafting your petitions, to choosing proper venue, to making the right legal arguments, to negotiating settlement, to demanding services to gearing up for hearing or trial. Every one of these requires attention to detail, positioning each stage and making critical decision….all as as part of your strategy.  We can help you no matter what stage your case is in by taking a look at what you want, what you’re entitled to, what is likely to happen with your specific judge and so on. You might not know exactly what you need, but we do. Reach out to get a jump start on your winning case.

Don’t take chances trying to do the complex parts of your Family Court without professional help. No you don’t have to pay high-priced, disappointing family law attorneys but you need someone. That someone is a family law strategist who knows how to make the weakest case into something promising.  

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You might need more help with every aspect of your case. The Unbundled Services can help with a piece here, a piece there but if you need it ALL, try the one, three or six month package.