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Consulting Services

Save thousands in legal fees while getting the professional help you need! Proceed on your case with confidence.

Areas we offer consulting in:

Custody – Relocation – Modification – Contempt – Enforcement – Divorce – Separation – Post Judgment – Appeals – Mediation – Settlement – Change of Venue – Property Division – Co Parenting – High Conflict – PRO SE (JUST ADDED!)


How Consulting Works:

If you need a more “hands on” approach with your divorce or custody case I can provide that with my consulting. As a former family law professional I can assist you with the nuts & bolts of your case, whether you use my Unbundled Services or just want practical help with your case I can provide that. We offer a myriad of services to help you along every stage of your case, including Done for You Uncontested Divorce, but can add a consultation call to any of these on a one time (per diem basis) or ongoing basis (Consulting Packages). If want to ensure that you are handling your pro se (self represented) case the right way, or only need help with certain aspects of the divorce/custody matter or want to speak in depth about negotiating or settling your case with your ex/STBX, then our consulting service is a better fit for you.

Our Services Help Pro Se & Represented Parties Achieve Better Results!

*DISCLAIMER- Although I am able to offer support in your divorce or child custody, I am unable to offer legal representation. No advice I provide is to be viewed as legal representation in any form. If you need legal representation, I can assist you with obtaining adequate representation from a qualified attorney in your jurisdiction.

Consulting Packages

Per diem, on call service:

Receive one-time phone support at any stage of your divorce or child custody case. Need a pep talk before court, last minute tips before negotiations, effective strategies to use with settlement discussions, etc. Set up a call in advance or pay in advance to have a 1 on 1 call.

3, 6 or 9 month packages:

Includes weekly 1 hour long calls; regular Voxer support; any ONE of the following Unbundled Services-Document Review, Document Prep, Attorney Screen/Search, Asset or Background Search, Legal Research or Attorney Search/Screening; membership in exclusive group. *NOTE: Discount offered on additional Unbundled Services.

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