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There are affordable options for you, you don't have to risk your case by doing it all alone ANYMORE!

Family court is messy, and things often tend to get REAL ugly. I’m here to support you through the rollercoaster ride of a journey. My help will increase your chances of scoring the “win” YOU DESIRE. And the best part is….you don’t have to spend thousands only to be disappointed in how things went. I take pride in helping you to find the best solutions to ANY problem that comes up in your divorce or child custody case. 

My services are for you if you:

My services come in multiple packages, with each specialized at helping you based on your specific needs

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Membership Program:

Our UNIQUE Pro Se Family Court Membership program is the ONLY such program created exclusively for Family Court litigants, going through divorce or custody.  It was created with the purpose of providing the do it yourself litigant with the practical resources, the  guidance, the emotional/mental support AND a means to save thousands in legal fees.  

This program will give you the answers you need on how to understand and use court procedures; how to understand relevant laws and caselaw; guidance on how to prepare for meetings, discussions, etc.; assistance on creating solid strategy; tips on gathering and using evidence effectively; help in learning to find and maximize the use of resources; anything else it takes to get the best overall outcome in your divorce or custody. (NOTE: We have legal professionals who work with you on the legal aspects of your case.)

Our process in the Membership program is designed to help self represented litigants make the best decisions based on the unique circumstances of their case. However, it is not ideal for every case. So you need to apply to be accepted into the Program and to help us choose the best Level for your case. Once you are approved for Membership, you will set out on your journey of being informed, getting professional guidance and having the support you need to ensure success.  You can cancel at any time, no commitment necessary. 

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Consulting or Coaching:

Our consulting or coaching services was created with the pro se, self-represented litigant in mind but works for the lawyer represented ones too. Consulting and coaching is a way to ensure that you have some means of getting the support you need so that you are not navigating your divorce or custody ENTIRELY on your own. There are options now, you don’t have to lose your mind, and your case, because you don’t understand the complex system of Family Court. 

Our consulting and coaching is NOT  a replacement for lawyer representation (but we do have lawyers on our team who can help), as we don’t focus on legal advice. Instead, we focus on what increases the chances of success on ANYTHING in life…STRATEGY.  

If you need more one on one guidance & advising, our consulting and coaching services are for you.
More of general advisory nature, you get to get practical guidance on a one-time basis or 

based on the length of time you anticipate your case to last in Family Court. 

Our consulting and coaching services come in a one-time basis or monthly packages.

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Unbundled Services:

Our Unbundled Services process is very similar to going to an a la carte restaurant.  You can buy only the parts that you need at the moment you need it.  This means that you can get specific help with certain “pieces” of your case only as you need them or when you need them. We do things like prepare documents (like letters, financial affidavits, etc.); review documents; conduct research; locate people or their assets; helf you find an attorney and so much more. 

Unbundled Services is perfect for you if are pro se or if you already have an attorney (with some limits). You can choose from a variety of tasks (services) or several of them, based all on what you need for a specific phase of your case.  

Contact Us and we will help you choose the best option for your specific case.

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Uncontested Divorce, Mediation, etc.

The Uncontested Divorce (Done for You or Done with You). Mediation or other Unbundled Services are  ideal for those who have worked out a resolution with the other party. These services serve to ensure that your settlement or agreement

is fair according to your circumstances and your budget. 


Uncontested Divorce can be done for you or with you (Document Review ONLY) depends on where your divorce case is and what you need. If you believe it will be Uncontested (unchallenged or agreed to), if you’re in certain states (contact us) or if you just need help reviewing the divorce papers you filled out yourself, we can help.  We can make the process much easier, quicker and smoother by helping where we can.


If you have a Mediation or would like to mediate an Agreement in your divorce or custody, then we can help you.  We would handle your mediation virtually, as long as you meet the criteria (contact us for a consultation).  

Contact Us and we will help you choose the best option for your specific case.


Get info on how the process works BELOW.

How it Works:

Tracey Bloodsaw

This is a unique program focused on providing consistent and direct guidance on a monthly basis for those who need more in-depth support.  Currently only the Advanced Level is accepting new members. 

The steps are:

  1. You must apply to be accepted into the Membership by completing the Intake Form.
  2.  Once you submit the completely filled out form with all the necessary information, you will be notified whether you have been accepted. (The facts of your case will determine if you’re accepted and for which Level.)
  3. Once accepted, (and you’ve paid) you will receive the Getting Started instructions (which will explain the features, a copy of your Membership Agreement and the Rules/Regulations) and enjoy the benefits that come with the Level you’re in. NOTE: There is a 3-month commitment to the Membership, early termination will render a fee of $250.
  4. You will have to return the signed Membership Agreement and read the Rules to ensure that you are aware of what is included and what is NOT included in your specific Level.
  5. Once you have gotten passed this part, you will receive a sequence of instructions on how to get started, documents needed, instructions on accessing the Membership platform, etc. NOTE: It is important to read all emails, the Rules and the Membership Agreement to get an understanding of how each stage works, the ways to communicate with us, how each feature works and so on.  

There are times when you need help with every single phase of your divorce or custody case.  Our consulting and coaching process is more flexible than the Membership program. We are able to work with you no matter where you are, if you’re pro se or not or if your case is high conflict or not. Our consulting and coaching is done entirely virtual, where we meet on Zoom or on phone, use Google workspace for document exchange and so on.

We can discuss strategy on your overall case or a specific aspect of it (like a motion, hearing, etc.). We will work with you on the best approach, best argument or best angle to ensure a much more desired outcome in your case.

We provide will give you that more direct 1:1 support you need.  All you have to do is decide that you need more help making practical decisions, understanding how procedure works, choosing the best route for your overall goals and so on. You can choose any of the 3 packages, 1, 3 or 6-months and we will set you up for Family Court success. 

The Unbundled Services requires more of an in depth look at exactly what you wish to accomplish at a particular stage of your case. Unbundled Services is more of “per task” type of service but must still keep your overall objectives in sight. The process requires you provide the details of your case so that we can ensure that the help you need is precise. Once you return the Intake Form, we will provide a recommendation with a quote to get you started. 

Go here for a more detailed breakdown of the Process for Unbundled Services. 

You decided that your divorce issues are not complex, that you and the other party are willing to settle & agree or you have already done most of the work but need a second set of eyes to ensure that everything was done correctly.  You can simply submit your proposed Agreement or completed documents and we will give you a professional assessment of it.