Pro Se Family Court Strategist

Hi! I am a Pro Se Family Court Strategist

My name is Tracey Bee, and I have over two decades of experience in Family Court. I am delighted to help you get exactly what you want in your case.

Having practiced in Family Court for decades, representing families in custody, relocation, contempt, parental alienation, domestic violence and all types of high conflict divorces. In my experience I learned that most of the uncertainties, fears & anxieties people endure when going through custody or divorce matter, comes from the unknown.  Once you become armed with information, knowledge and resources, then you learn to navigate the Family Court experience with assurance. I worked as a Guardian ad Litem, mediator and lawyer in several hundred cases throughout my career.  In addition, I was a litigant in my own child custody case where I experienced exactly what you have. All of this encouraged me to invest my time and effort into becoming the only Pro Se Family Court Strategist that exists.

To become a Pro Se Family Court Strategist, I have gotten formal training as a Coach, Mediator, and Parent Coordinator (AFCC) so that I can help parties approach things differently.  I decided to work with them on strategy, a concept often overlooked by attorneys.  So now instead of limiting my focus to the law, I am able to look at the client’s case from a holistic approach.  This allows me to focus on the practical and the tactical while in the purview of the law.  My work understands that the practical overlaps with the legal…which helps to create a solid STRATEGY!

I know exactly what you are about to go through or have been dealing with in your divorce or custody case.  I am on the front lines every single day, helping alienated parents fight to get their access back, helping fathers fight against false allegations of abuse, helping mothers protect their children from unfit fathers, and so much more.  I am not going to tell that knowing the law will get your kids back, or that having the most expensive lawyer will win your case or anything like that. I will show you how to use STRATEGY to get you the results you want. My critical thinking skills, problem solving expertise and my ability to think outside the box is the key to getting you better results.  It’s not just the law, or the best lawyer or being the best at making your case…it’s about STRATEGY!

My method is to work WITH you!  Not like most lawyers, I work with your strengths, your weaknesses and I factor them into your overall plan. I teach you to see EVERYTHING in context. Every single thing in your case has a purpose.  We will work together to find a solution no matter what the problem is. We don’t stop at “it’s impossible”, we keep looking until we find “it’s probable”. Explore our services and discover the full benefits of working with Pro Se Family Court Strategist.

It is not easy to decide so quickly, especially when it involves a risk that means everything to you, which is why we have got FREE consultation services to see how my focus on strategy can help you!

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The Divorce Solutionist can definitely help you no matter where you are in your case and no matter your circumstances.

NOTE: I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW IN YOUR CASE. The services offered are advisory and will remain in that capacity. If you need legal advice, I suggest you speak to an attorney in your jurisdiction