The Diavorce Solutionist
Pro Se Family Court Strategist

Hi! I am a Family Court Strategist™ (& Pro Se Advocate)

My name is Tracey Bee, and I have over two decades of experience in Family Court, both professional and personal.
My credentials include:

  • Former family law attorney
  • Certified Mediator
  • Trained Parent Coordinator
  • Trained Guardian ad Litem
  • Certified Divorce Coach (pending)
  • Pro Se, Self-Represented Advocate
  • Published writer
  • Podcaster
  • Strategist & Coach

I started as a practitioner in Family Court (as lawyer, mediator, instructor) almost 20 years ago.  But the truth is I have been preparing for this path long before my work in family law.  It started when I realized that EVERYBODY & ANYBODY can have their lives wrecked by the break up of their family or by being left to parent their child on their own. I worked as an attorney for mothers, fathers and children in high conflict cases and the easier ones too.  No matter who they were or where they were from, they all experienced the same frustration, disappointment and overwhelm in their case. I decided to put my undergraduate education (in psychology), my passion for helping and my talents as a critical thinker to better use…helping people like you struggling to make it through the trauma of being in Family Court.  

Let’s keep it real, Family Court is a B-e-A-s-T!  I don’t care how strong you are, how much money you have or where you come from, the Family Court experience will knock you on your A**! Whether you are representing yourself or have a lawyer to help you, nothing prepares you for the nightmare that goes along with a court battle for divorce or custody.  Lawyers don’t have the emotional intelligence (EQ) to really help you with every single issue, and therapists don’t want to be bothered with the legal stuff. Meanwhile you have so many questions on so many different things that need answers NOW!!!! 

That’s where I come in.  You never heard of a strategist I know, but trust me you won’t regret working with one…this ONE to be exact.  I work very different from attorneys, in several ways: I am not limited by the any rules, nor do I think inside the proverbial box &  nor am I easily intimidated by ANYONE.  Trust me you NEED these traits to deal with the rollercoaster ride that goes along with being in Family Court. 

My method is to work WITH you on the details! What does that mean? It means, I don’t do what serves my own pockets as lawyers tend to do; that I won’t ignore your mental & emotional state while trying to help you come up with the best options for you as judges often do; that we will work TOGETHER on coming up with a strategic plan designed specifically for you using ALL of the facts AND background of your case, which is often overlooked when you work on your own.  

You won’t hear excuses like you do from your lawyer, or be given the run around like court staff do, or be left to fend for yourself like some therapists do..these just makes things worse. 

No, I don’t make excuses, I come up with solutions. I help you learn techniques to help keep your emotions in check, show you tips to help you focus on the important things and guide you to make informed decisions so that you’re not sabotaging your own case like most Family Court litigants do. We don’t stop at “it’s impossible”, we keep looking until we find “it’s probable”. Explore our services and discover the full benefits of working with a Pro Se Family Court Strategist.

NOTE: Although I can’t represent you in court, we have attorneys in our network (in all 50 states) that are available if you need legal representation or legal advice.  

You can choose one of the consulting packages, where we work one on one on a weekly basis on EVERY aspect of your case.  Or you can choose one of the Unbundled Services where you can have us complete work for your case on a task by task basis. Or you can join the Membership program where you get more support but in a group setting. Or you can opt for a workshop, a blank form, etc. It is not easy to decide so quickly, especially when it involves a risk that means everything to you, which is why we have got FREE consultation services to see how my focus on strategy can help you!

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Our Services:

The Divorce Solutionist can definitely help you no matter where you are in your case and no matter your circumstances.

NOTE: I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW IN YOUR CASE. The services offered is not to be considered legal advice. The information and services offered are intended for general purposes only. If you need legal advice, I suggest you speak to an attorney in your jurisdiction.

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