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You owe it to yourself & your family to explore your options!

  • Need a supportive strategy to fight a legal system that doesn’t apply the laws;
  • Need a calculated strategy to outsmart manipulative lawyers;
  • Need a solid strategy to prove or defend parental alienation;
  • Need an effective strategy to defeat a narcissist;
  • Need a defensive strategy to protect your child(ren) from abuse;
  • Need a strong strategy to protect yourself from CPS;
  • Need MY strategy to get more “wins”.

I can HELP you through my process in a smart way!!!!!
Which Service is Right for You:

Tracey Bloodsaw - Divorce coach

How it works

The Process

*First, we need to talk. I need to understand where you started, where you are and what you intend to accomplish.

*Next, I need to do a thorough analysis of EVERY aspect of your case.

Then, we can come up with a plan that works for you based on it all.

Or if you know exactly which Unbundled Service  you need, you can click HERE. (Go to the Rates page for specific instructions.)

How does this all sound?


Questions You Might Have

1. Why should I work with you?

As a strategist I work on preparing, presenting and positioning your case using EVERY detail of your circumstances. Lawyers don't. I have a unique way of finding strengths where there are weakness, of using the "irrelevant" to make a stronger argument, of accumulating leverage where there is little hope. In other words, I don't give up.

2. What kind of cases can you help with?

I help with self-represented and lawyer represented with Contested or Uncontested Divorce; child custody cases: relocations, modifications, violations, etc.; separations; settlements; post divorce-enforcement, contempt, modification and much more. Doesn't matter where you are in your situation.

3. How can you save me thousands?

You don't have to come up with $5,000 retainers for lawyers who don't deliver what they promise. My process includes competent expert advice at fraction of the cost without sacrificing results. Although some of my packages are more expensive than my other services, it's still cheaper than attorneys.

4. Can we start today, why do I need a consult first?

You can actually schedule a call today. I need to know all the relevant details and information before we can decide the best approach for you. I want you to get the absolute best results possible so that means I need to have a discussion with you first.

A LA CARTE Service for those who need help with more specific tasks.

Unbundled Services



Have your Petitions, Motions, Discovery Demands or Responses, Letters, etc. prepared by us.


Have Court Orders, Attorney Correspondence, Discovery Demands or Responses, etc. reviewed & interpreted for you.




Have us look up relevant caselaw, laws, procedural rules, etc. researched using a trusted database. Or have a Judge looked up or Attorney screened.


Have a personal background search or asset/financial search done to locate vital information and/or hidden property.




Strategic Action Plans-Best Interests of the Child Analysis-Trial Preparation-
A more laser focused service based on your needs.

1:1 Support for those who need support & guidance throughout!

Coaching or Consulting Services



You need to schedule a FREE 15-minute call to discuss the specific details of your case. On our scheduled call we will discuss the best coaching or consulting package options based on your goals and your needs.


Ideal for you if you need more support in the decisions, the course of action, or just as a listening ear. Get the guidance you need at every level no matter where you are in the process. For self represented and attorney represented too.




Group or Membership Programs Ideal for those who would like to get support in a community setting while still receiving some level of guidance throughout the process.


Although not Consult or Coaching, it's an option for those looking for an objective 3rd party professional who can help negotiate a settlement.
Done virtually with all parties present. Less expensive and quicker process than court.


Schedule a FREE call to discuss ALL available options.

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