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Unbundled Services: Step by Step Process

We figured you would want a detailed description of how our Unbundled Services work.  In this section you will find more details on overall process, turnaround times and specific step by step in how we perform every single service.  You should find all the answers you need about the how, the what and the when right here on this page. 

We do NOT give legal advice so please do NOT ask.

We do not make ANY GUARANTEES on how your judge will rule or any specific outcome of any aspect of your case.

Overall Process:

  1. Once you have completed & submitted the Intake Form (either downloaded directly from the site or emailed to you), paid the quoted fee and returned the signed Consulting Agreement you will receive additional specific instructions based on the service you’ve chosen.  NOTE: Specific instructions will be sent to you when your case has sensitive issues that will affect the turnaround time.  The instructions usually requests additional information and/or releases, will provide an estimated turnaround time for your specific services.
  2. The clock starts once we receive EVERYTHING requested from you in the initial email. Nevertheless, the turnaround time for each service (stated below) varies based on the facts & circumstances of your case.  In addition, if we request additional information from you or the court or another entity, this will affect the turnaround time.  The time for a completion of services can range from 7 days up to 45 days. NOTE: We mean BUSINESS DAYS, not calendar days. 
  3. If your case is URGENT, this will be assessed at the initial consultation and will be given the expeditious treatment necessary. (A rush service fee will be assessed at that time and is to be paid at that time.)
  4. Any unforeseen events that come up once the process starts, not within my control, can impact the services and turnaround time. You will be notified in a timely manner should this occur.
  5. You will be updated on the status of your service if we feel it is necessary. (Emails or private messages checking on the status of your case may go unanswered if we are still within the prescribed turnaround time.)
  6. We expect to respond to our emails PROMPTLY to keep things on schedule.
  7. You are NOT to upload ANY documents using multiple emails, as this slows down the process. Please use the Google Drive folder created for you or use Dropbox. If we receive multiple emails, we will have to charge you for the additional time to read and organize them. 
  8. If you opt for the e-filing you need to inform us at the start of your case AND provide your court account log in ASAP. (If we have to created the account we will have to charge for that too.)
  9. At any time you can request a meeting, at which time you will be given the first available date (if your case is coming up) and charged the discounted rate. 
  10. If you add additional information or make additional requests, this can change the terms of our agreement and will be evaluated accordingly. Additional fees and an extension of time may be necessary. Either way, you will be notified and given the opportunity to cancel depending on the circumstances.


Document Preparation– average turnaround time is 3-7 business days. (Motions, Show Causes, Ex Partes & Responses to Motions usually up to 14 days, unless RUSH order used.)

Document Review– average turnaround time is 2-3 days. (for up to 10 pages, more than 10 pages can be up to 3 additional days.)

Caselaw Research – average turnaround time is 3-7 business days. (for one issue or one jurisdiction, multi issue or multi jurisdiction is longer.)

Judge Lookup – average turnaround time is 7-14 days.

Background Search – up to 3 business days. (Each additional person may take longer.)

Attorney Screen & Vet – average turnaround time is 10-21 business days (but can be longer if you request a vetting which includes direct contact with the prospective attorneys.)

Strategic Action Plan – average turnaround time is up to 15 days (if transcripts are necessary).  If a brief version of the SAP, then average turnaround time is up to 14 business days. (The Strategic Plan that’s part of the Membership usually takes up to 7 business days.)

Best Interests of the Child Analysis – average turnaround time is usually 7-9 business days. (For cases that involve only one state.)

Trial Prep or Evidence Organization – average turnaround time is up to 60 days (varies based on the number of issues, jurisdictions, etc.)

Uncontested Divorce – average turnaround time is up to 14 business days but doesn’t include court action (if you are requesting the Done for You service).

B. STEP BY STEP PROCESS (Scroll Down for each service.)

Document Preparation:

Step 1. We take the relevant information you provided (in your Intake Form and the relevant documents you upload), to prepare your document.  You must upload any relevant documents within 48 hours of receiving our confirmation email. We will create a Google Drive folder just for your case, you can upload your documents directly to the folder or via email. NOTE: Do NOT send multiple emails with your documents/evidence. Sending multiple (separate) emails will incur additional fees. 

NOTE: There is a limit to the number of documents that will be reviewed, as we will make a determination as to what is relevant to prepare your document accurately.

NOTE: We will NOT review irrelevant documents or documents provided past the initial 48 hour period.

Step 2. We use either the forms provided by your specific court or the ones in our library of forms/ templates (for all 50 states) to draft your requested document based on the information you provided.

Step 3.  Once we receive your completed Intake and required documents, we will draft the specific form requested within the time stated above. If we need additional information in the meantime, we will request it via email.  In that time, we might not respond to emails unless they include information requested by us. 

Step 4. You receive a draft of the form, with the option for 2 edits. (Edits are limited to information provided & your request made at the time of Intake, not NEW information or added requests after that. If we have to add NEW information, there will be an additional fee to be assessed at that time.)

Step 5. We will make necessary edits within 24-48 hours of receipt of revised draft.  It is your responsibility to be able to download, read review the document for accuracy within the 48 hours allotted.  Any late edits will push the turnaround time back based on our workload. NOTE: We will NOT keep track of your deadlines as that is your responsibility unless you opted for the RUSH service add-on. 

Step 6. Once we have done the 2 edits, you will receive the final document via email  (in pdf form.) and it will also be added to the Google Drive folder created for you. NOTE: Any errors previously missed will be considered at our discretion. 

NOTE: If the document we draft or prepare for you is rejected by the court or the attorney involved DUE TO OUR ERROR, we will correct the errors to meet the legal requirements.  However, if the rejection is based on something that is not the fault of TDS we will charge an additional fee to make the necessary corrections. 




Document Review:

Step 1. We take all necessary information you provided and any relevant court documents, within the 48 hour period.

Step 2. You will receive a quote, if you haven’t already (or you purchased in the TDS store), based on several factors, i.e. the complexity of the documents, the number of pages to review, etc.

Step 3. You will receive an interpretation/analysis of the document, via email (in PDF format) and upload it to Google Drive folder, within the time stated above.

Step 4. If you have any questions regarding the interpretation, you can email them to us. (You can also request a consultation to discuss the document for an additional fee.)

Step 5. You will receive a response to your questions regarding the reviewed documents within 24-48 hours.


Caselaw Research & Judge Lookup:

Step 1. We take all necessary information you provided, as well as relevant court documents if needed to conduct the search. ***NOTE: Documents allowed to be provided will be limited (Court petitions, orders, decisions &/or motions) to those necessary to ascertain the relevant issues to research. 

Step 2. We will look up relevant cases for the specific issue(s) agreed upon, either the ones you choose or based on issue/jurisdiction, using a professional database, peer to peer insight, reviews, etc. (The extent to which we find suitable information depends on the resources available. We make no guarantees of what we will find since that is not within our control.)

Step 3. You will receive the cases or judge lookup results, via email ( in pdf format), and uploaded to Google, that are relevant to the specific issues/facts of your case.


Attorney Screen & Vetting:

Step 1. We take all necessary information you provided (in some instances relevant court documents might be required), to start. You have 48 hours to provide all relevant information. 

Step 2. We will look for attorneys in your location that meet the specific criteria of your case (i.e. parental alienation, relocation, etc.).  We rate the prospective attorneys based on reputation, qualifications, experience, etc. using our own rating system. Some of the sources we gather this information include: firms websites, relevant associations, published writings, peer to peer recommendations, reviews, etc. (The extent to which we find suitable information depends on the resources available. We make no guarantees either way.)

Step 3. You will receive a list of 2-3 attorneys, based on the above, in a brief report with our rating and explanations. Or in the alternative, you can recommend your own 3 attorneys to have us vet and screen on your behalf. (If you opt for this choice, you must submit the 3 attorneys within the initial 48 hour period.  Any additional attorneys provided after this period will incur additional costs.)

Step 4. The turnaround time is longer if you request a more in-depth search/screen process, vetting.  In the in-depth process, where we have direct communication with the prospective attorneys, we reach out via email first. And if there’s no response (within a week) we attempt to reach them via phone.  We will make 2 attempts to reach them by phone before we close out the report. NOTE: We make no guarantees of any such attempts and will detail the time/day in the final report. 

Step 5. A final report will be provided with explanations of our findings within the time stated above.


Strategic Action Plan (SAP) & Best Interests Factors Analysis (BIOTC):

Step 1. We meet for a half-hour to discuss your case and your goals. 

Step 2. The we review ALL the necessary and relevant information you provided (listed in the Intake Form) to map out a gameplan. (We will use our discretion to determine what is relevant).

Information needed include-  court petitions, responses, orders, agreements, decrees, etc.  NOTE: Although it is extremely important to have all transcripts to make a solid strategic action plan, it is not included in the relevant documents until further notice.   (If you are having a brief SAP done, then the extent of the documents necessary for review varies.) This also includes a half-hour virtual consultation to discuss the nuances of your case.

Step 3. We assess all the issues (with the emphasis being on the major ones in dispute) and prioritize them according to your particular circumstances and your goals. 

Step 4.  Our objective is to highlight the strengths & weaknesses of your case ( which will incorporate the strengths & weaknesses of the opposing party’s case as well) and make a plan of how to use them to your advantage. It will cover a step by step tactical plan on how to defend against & argue for all the relevant issues in dispute.

Step 5. The SAP will look at the relevant laws, statutes and caselaw; a background search of the judge, lawyers, etc.; how to make the strongest arguments based on the evidence, recommendations for practical steps to take; and so much more.  The BIOTC Analysis is very similar in approach and format. 

Step 6. We come up with tactical plans for each relevant issue in your case, a timeline for how to implement each and the possible outcomes for each. 

Step 7. We provide a clear map of things you can do, procedurally, practically & legally, to achieve your desired results. This will take into account what has happened in your case (in & out of court), what is likely to occur in the future and the steps you can take in light of all of these.

NOTE: This SAP & BIOTC is different than the one provided as part of the Membership program.  This SAP is much more detailed and comprehensive than the Membership version. If you would like this version as part of your Membership please indicate this as soon as possible. 

REMINDER: If you want to add Pro Se Coaching or a Consulting package to service you can do so at an additional *DISCOUNTED cost. Otherwise, Trial Prep is separate and apart of any Consulting package or Membership program.

Evidence Organization, Discovery Package or Witness Prep:

Once you pay and return the signed Agreement, you are ready to get started.


NOTE: We have experienced paralegals in various states, on our team to help us follow the rules of procedure for your state. 

Step 1: You will provide us with ALL of the evidence you have gathered that’s in your possession for your case. ( A Google Folder will be created for your uploads.) For Witness Prep, we will identify and screen your potential witnesses (up to 3 witnesses only). We accept: documents, digital, etc. (hopefully you filled out the Initial Intake and provided a list of evidence you have.)

Step 2: We will start the process of sifting through everything you provided to narrow down what is relevant.  As we go through each item we will determine:

  • priority
  • weight
  • applicability
  • legality
  • admissibility
  • relevance

We use a software application that helps us to be more efficient in ensuring that the best evidence is listed for each material issue in your case. 

Step 3: We will review the issues in your case and categorize your evidence and your witnesses based on the issues. The more nuanced your issues the more precise we need to be in organizing your evidence. 

Step 4: The evidence will be prioritized and matched with the relevant issues of your case. Each item of evidence that best supports an issue will be labeled as such and the least will be labeled as well.  Some evidence might be strongest for one issue and weakest for another one, this will be noted as well. The witnesses will be listed in order of relevance, competence, etc. 

Step 5: We will address other uses for your evidence and make recommendations for use based on your overall case. For WITNESS PREP: We will prepare questions for each witness according to the evidence and their testimony. 

Step 6: We will create a report that covers all the above and include specific issues with each of the items of evidence. We will prepare Witness List for submission to the court.

Step 7: We will provide you with a) worksheets to help you understand how to organize & analyze any additional evidence, b) a copy of the Rules of Evidence for your state and our e-guide on the topic. 

Step 8: For DISCOVERY PACKAGE: We will provide all Discovery forms for your jurisdiction; draft & compile each Discovery Request &/or Demand (based on your package); make necessary edits, arrange to have them filed in court (if applicable); arrange to have them “served” and review any responses you receive (based on your package.)

REMINDER: If you want to add Pro Se Coaching or a Consulting package to service you can do so at an additional *DISCOUNTED cost. Otherwise, Trial Prep is separate and apart of any Consulting package.



***Trial Prep***:

Step 1. We start with a HALF-HOUR consultation to discuss your case and your goals.  Then we meet once a week (virtually) for 30 minutes (UP TO 8 MEETINGS) until trial, to discuss different phases of trial preparation.  (The total number of calls will not exceed 4 within a one month time period. The calls will start one month before the scheduled trial date where practical.  Any additional calls will be billed at a discounted hourly rate.) 

Step 2. Once we meet, we use the information you provide (listed in the Intake Form & Welcome email) to take EVERY part of your case file and assess it from a “trial ready” perspective using our Checklist (if we don’t have everything or if critical documents or evidence is missing, we will make requests to get them upon upon your approval, as this may prolong the turnaround time and incur additional fees.)

Step 3. We will send you a list of things needed (or recommended) to get your case “trial ready”. (What we recommend will determine the probability of getting your desired outcome, but it will be in your discretion to take our recommendations.)

Step 4. We help to organize your file based on the procedure of your particular court, your case’s jurisdiction and your judge’s style. (We will make attempts to get the details of your judge’s style, but make no guarantees either way.) 

We do research your judge, the lawyer(s), the Guardian ad Litem (attorney for the child), etc. to help get a better understanding of style, methods, etc. And will do background on any witness the other party plans to call to testify. What we find might change the gameplan. 

Step 5. We will check in with you to ensure that you are providing ALL OF THE EVIDENCE, COURT DOCS, ETC. within the time prescribed (you have 7 days from signing the Agreement to get EVERYTHING in. Anything not submitted in that time risk not being factored into our overall strategy plan. ) If you provide items AFTER the 7 day period, you will be notified of any additional costs incurred as a result. 

Step 6. You will receive exercises specifically designed to help us prepare your case in the most efficient way possible. We expect you to complete them in a timely manner and submit them.

Step 7. We will keep the items you submit in a Google Drive folder created just for you that you will have access to. You must upload documents using the Attractwell link provided or via email (although the link is preferred.)

Step 8. You will receive a link to Google Calendar to diary any and all relevant dates, including changes in dates. 

Step 9. Our paralegal will maintain constant contact with you to ensure that we have everything needed, that you are doing your part, and that we meet all deadlines. 

Step 10: You will have access to the Attractwell platform until the trial ends. It is important that you go there to look for items that might be of interest or that might have answers to your various questions. 

Step 11: We will provide an overall Gameplan (or Evidence Analysis Report) for your trial at least two (2) before trial that will provide an overview of everything that will be covered in your trial. 

Step 12.  We will work on your trial folder, and trial Notebook based on your local court rules. We provide you with the following (based on the procedural requirements of your jurisdiction): 

  • Outline for the Order of Issues/Proof;
  • Pretrial Statement;
  • Case Analysis;
  • Laws, statutes, and caselaw;
  • a List of Exhibits;
  • a Witness List;
  • questions for each witness;
  • Expert witness approach;
  • a draft of your Opening Statement;
  • a draft of your Closing Statement;
  • cross-examination questions for expert witnesses;
  • relevant motions*;
  • Rules of Evidence;
  • procedural rules;
  • anything else you help you prepare the best case possible based on our thorough analysis of your case strengths & weaknesses.

*NOTE:  The extent to which you want us to draft/prepare every part of your case will determine the price.  You get to choose based on your budget. If you only need help with organizing your evidence, you might find our Evidence Organization service more helpful.

Step 6. We provide your trial prep supplies, including a 3-ring binder, color-coded tabs and a multicolor pen as part of your package. (If time permits we can put your trial notebook together for you. Otherwise, we will send you the supplies so that you can assemble the notebook using our simple instructions.)

Although it is ideal to start Trial Prep as early as 90 days before trial, we know that this impossible at times.  However, we strongly suggest that you start working on trial prep as soon as possible to ensure effectiveness.  (We will use discretion to determine if we can provide services for trial/hearing scheduled within any time less than 30 days.)

REMINDER: If you want to add Pro Se Coaching or a Consulting package to service you can do so at an additional *DISCOUNTED cost. Otherwise, Trial Prep is separate and NOT a part of any Consulting package*.

Uncontested Divorce:

Step 1.  You complete the Intake form and provide all requested documents.

Step 2. Upon receipt of all relevant information, we will fill out all the forms necessary for your jurisdiction.

Step 3. You will receive a draft of the forms and have two (2) edits available. (A Google Drive folder will be created and a link provided.)

Step 4. Upon competing the final edits, you will receive the final documents, via email (in pdf format,)

Step 5. You will receive specific instructions on how to upload or file the case (unless we are handling this part of the case. If you do, you would have to provide the filing fees.) for your specific jurisdiction.

Step 6. Once the forms are uploaded or filed, you will receive feedback with respect to the status when we receive it (unless you filed on your own.)

Step 7. If there are issues with the filing, we will correct them at no cost to you if the errors are no fault of yours. 

Step 8. We will give you additional instructions on having the other party “served”. (You have the option to have us have our process server “serve” the other party for an additional fee.)

Step 9. Once we have delivered the submitted forms our service is considered complete unless you request additional services.

NOTE: If you chose the Done for You process, the details for this will be on a case by case basis.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Tracey Bee at

NOTE: These times are subject to change based on several factors.  The turnaround time does not begin until you provide ALL REQUIRED information, documentation, etc. as requested in the format requested. 

Any additional work we have to do to obtain the necessary documents or information may incur additional fees. We will inform you of this before we start any work begins. 


You can get the help you need at a fraction of the cost of working with an attorney.

Choose what you need, as you need it.