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Affordable Options for Divorce and Child Custody

You have options, don't settle for less than you deserve.

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We provide professional assistance with all your divorce as well as child custody needs. We will ensure that your experience with divorce or child custody is not as traumatic as it often is. You can now get in touch with our expert Divorce Coach to get free divorce consultation. Hence settle all your divorce related matters.


the divorce coach

Unbundled Services

We can help you prepare family law documents, review documents that you prepared or drafted by Someone else. Legal research judges search and attorney screening are offered as well. We also conduct personal Background searches, asset searches, and more according to your needs.

the divorce coach


Avail our support and guidance as you proceed through the legal processes. We can definitely advise you if you need a “court buddy” to accompany you to every court or mediation hearing, a second set of Eyes as backup & or just someone on call to answer your questions. We are here for all your legal needs.

the divorce coach


We have assistance available where we are with you at each step, to offer emotional support to help alleviate the stress & strain that usually accompanies most divorces & child custody cases. We can positively support you when your support system is nonexistent or just isn’t enough to carry your pain.

The Advantages of Working with Us

We understand how frustrating, stressful, and extremely expensive divorce and custody can be. We also know that trying to keep a cool head throughout the process is almost impossible. We understand how to work effectively with lawyers, we know how to stay civil with uncooperative exes, we mastered techniques to handle the judge…we know every tip and trick to overcome every obstacle you will face.  Whether you use our Unbundled Services, work with the consultant or hire the coach, we guarantee you will get results you can live with in your divorce or custody case.

Welcome Ladies,
This group is specifically for women who are having difficulties while considering divorce or currently going through divorce or custody battles.
As much as I love helping people, this group is exclusively for women who are facing the challenges that go along with divorce and child custody cases.
In this community, I will be providing tons of helpful information and resources that will help you get through your divorce or custody case successfully.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain insight, support and encouragement from women going through similar experiences.

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Dating during divorce

I encourage you to ask questions, share stories, etc. and contribute to the discussions anyway you see fit.
I want to assure you that this is a safe space for each of you. Furthermore, I will not allow anyone to make anyone else feel violated, disrespected or humiliated in any way here.
To get the fullest advantages of the group, I advise you to participate in the workshops, read the Units section, download the free resources in the Files section and ask questions.
Look forward to getting to know each of you.
Best Regards,
Tracey Bee

There are other Options

Don't waste another dime paying outrageous legal fees.

*You don’t have to settle for lawyers who don’t fight for you!
*You don’t have to spend thousands on professionals who are duped by the other party!
*You don’t have to be shafted by the judge who ignores every one of your concerns!
*You don’t have to be ignored by a system that is totally biased!
*You don’t have to allow your kids interests or your own peace of mind to be minimized!
*You don’t have to be confused about what is happening at every stage of your case!
Yes I know what you’re up against, I’ve been there myself but you have rights. But here’s the thing…if you don’t speak up, take a position, understand the process, you will continue to lose.  You can turn those losses into “wins”.

the divorce coach

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Our Services Are Unique

We do everything except make court appearances!

My approach to helping women with their divorce or child custody case is very different in several ways. I use my underlying beliefs to serve as the basis for the services I provide and the method in which they are performed. The Divorce Solutionist provides a wide range of services to meet you exactly where you are in your divorce or child custody action. Once you reach out to us for help, we will take the time to explore the facts of your case to determine how we can best serve you in your Uncontested Divorce, high conflict divorce, divorce settlement, child custody case, etc. We offer help with preparing divorce or child custody documents, reviewing divorce or child custody documents, locating people or assets, researching judges, screening attorneys AND SO MUCH MORE! We are a group of experienced professionals that work effectively and efficiently to help you get through your case with ease, saving you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in legal fees.

Why You Should Work with Us..

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Why Us

Discuss the Options Now

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  • Someone asked me where did I find you Ms. Bee, I told them God sent you

    Cardi B.

  • What you are doing to help women like me is so needed and I appreciate you for it

    Sasheema M.

  • Your services are one of a kind and are making a difference, may God bless you

    Toni M.

  • I wish I found you before I wasted so much money on lawyers.  I needed you from the beginning but I’m glad I found you now

    Nadia L.

  • I have worked with lawyers before and they are all only concerned with making money off of their clients. You are very different

    Karina O.

  • You have found your calling as a divorce consultant and coach, I am so happy for you.  You saved me tons of headaches, heartaches and money

    Lisa W.

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