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Need 1-on-1 support while you try to figure out the "right" way to handle things? Family Court Coaching can definitely help!

Coaching Packages

I offer a few packages to choose from based on where you are in your case, the depth of the issues, the extent to which you need support, as well as your financial resources.   

Family Court, divorce and child custody cases, can take a toll, don’t do it without the right help by your side.  If you are pro se in Family Court, it helps to have someone with experience, training and expertise to help you understand the process step by step.  It helps to take advantage of one of the monthly packages to ensure that you are supported throughout the process.  

However, if you are represented by an attorney, you might need an occasional STRATEGIC perspective on your case and would benefit from one time or as needed consultation. One sure thing that will help you minimize the length of time, the amount of stress & overwhelm as well as the legal costs, is having an experienced and supportive coach right by your side.   If you need help deciding, I can help you to choose the right package based on your needs.

1 : 1 Session

Self-study Courses



What is Family Court Coaching?

Family Court Coaching is the process where pro se or self represented Family Court party gets one-on-one support and guidance throughout the process.  The coach’s role is to provide the pro se party with advice on the Family Court procedures, to give guidance on which to advise on the steps to take, to give assistance in finding answers and to help bridge the gaps left by any other professionals the client may be working with. If you have (or are considering) a Divorce; Custody; Modification; Contempt; Relocation; Enforcement; Parental Alienation case or any high conflict family law matter I can help you get through the process with coaching. NOTE: Some Unbundled Services are included based on the package you choose.


Who is Family Court Coaching for?

Family Court Coaching is for anyone, especially pro se Family Court individuals, who needs more support and specific guidance as they navigate the court process.  Both self represented and attorney represented parties can benefit from coaching. Doesn’t matter which stage of the process you are in, the Decision stage or preparing for trial you can benefit from Coaching. Pro Se Family Court Coaching is specifically for self represented parties who need very practical, tactical and strategic guidance at every step along the way. 


How does Family Court Coaching work?

Family Court Coaching is provided via phone, video and/or email.  Support is provided to the client based on the specific package chosen (on one time basis or continual basis.) Group & Membership Programs COMING SOON!


Why should you use a Family Court Coach?

I can help you work through the sometimes unbearable parts of your pro se or represented divorce or child custody case.  With coaching, I zoom in on the areas that your lawyer, your therapist and your best friend often miss.  No one person knows how to help you through each step of the process, but you can certainly use help bridging the gaps.  That’s where coaching comes in at, it looks at your situation from EVERY SINGLE perspective and addresses the feelings, thoughts, etc. that come up in the process.

Your lawyer only focuses on proving you with legal advice, your therapist helps you by counseling you on what’s “broken”, but a Family Court coach can help fill in the gaps that neither of these professionals can.  Your lawyer might not be available to answer questions about a co-parent who is late dropping off their child. A therapist may not be able to advise on responding to a text message that asks for a change in a visitation schedule.  These are issues that still need to be addressed but you might not know HOW.  

Find out if Coaching is what you need to change the direction your case is taking.  Set up a FREE Consultation to learn more. 

Am I Qualified to Coach you?

Not only am I former family law attorney, I trained as a coach & mediator to sharpen my skills. Although traditional coaches take specific training courses to prepare them for their career, legal coaching is a little different.  Legal (Family Court) Coaching does not require any special training particularly when the coach has a legal background.  My almost 20 years experience in Family Court is qualification enough!

Family Court Coaching