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Why Family Court Coaching

We help you work through the unbearable parts of your pro se or represented divorce or child custody cases. Our coaching sessions highlight the areas that your lawyer, your therapist, therapist best friend often miss.

No one ever wanted to be in family court, but we are here to make the experience easier, streamlined and in your favour. Choose from our customized plans based on your requirements.

While no one would know your own case better than yourself, you can certainly use our help in bridging the gaps.  Our coaching looks at your situation from EVERY SINGLE perspective and addresses the feelings, thoughts, etc. that come up in the process.

While your lawyer only focuses on proving you with legal advice, your therapist helps you by counselling you on what’s “broken”, but a Family Court coach can help fill in the gaps that neither of these professionals can connect.  For example: Your lawyer might not be available to answer questions about a co-parent who is late dropping off their child. A therapist may not be able to advice on responding to a text message that asks for a change in a visitation schedule.  These are issues but doesn’t fall within the capacity of either a lawyer or a therapist. 

Find out if Coaching is what you need to change the direction your case is taking.  Set up a FREE Consultation to learn more.

Tracey Bloodsaw

Am I Qualified to Coach you?

Not only am I former family law attorney with over 20 years of experience in Family Court, I trained as a coach & mediator to sharpen my skills. Although traditional coaches take specific training courses to prepare them for their career, legal coaching is a little different. Legal (Family Court) Coaching does not require any special training particularly when the coach has a legal background.

I am unable to travel for my coaching sessions

Distance is not a limiting factor for either the type of coaching or for the quality of each session.

Family Court Coaching services are provided through multiple platforms, so that our clients can be assisted while they remain at the comfort of their home. Coaching sessions can be provided through:

Support is provided to the client based on the specific package chosen (on one time basis or continual basis.) Group & Membership Programs are COMING SOON!

Online Family Court Coaching