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Coaching Services

Healing, growth and maintaining peace all starts with you! But I can help you along the way…

NOW AVAILABLE! Family Court Pro Se Coaching Services

Coaching provided in the following areas:

Custody – Relocation – Modification – Contempt – Enforcement – Divorce – Separation – Post Judgment – Appeals – Mediation – Settlement – Change of Venue – Property Division – Co Parenting – High Conflict – PRO SE (JUST ADDED!)


How Coaching Helps:


I can help you get through the divorce coaching or child custody matter with more focus on your emotional needs, your mental state and your overall adjustment to the process.  I understand that divorce and child custody battles can wreak havoc on you emotionally, spiritually and mentally…not to mention financially.  The massive overwhelm that ensues, along with the inconceivable depth of confusion, can cause so much disruption that you need support outside of just yourself.  Having someone who can assist you in bridging gaps and closing holes within your divorce coaching team is priceless.  Your lawyer only focuses on proving you with legal advice, your therapist helps you by counseling you on what’s “broken”, but a divorce coach can help fill in the gaps that neither of these professionals can.  I can help you communicate effectively with your lawyer, serve as your second set of eyes with respect to the approach he/she is taking with your case or be there as your “court buddy” to answer any questions you may have with respect to the legal process every step of the way.  I can also serve as a listening ear when you need to vent,  support you through healing the underlying wounds, provide you with resources that will help you grow & learn from the ordeal or whatever it takes to get you to see the rainbow lying ahead

My Background:

I have the unique advantage of not only having gone through the separation process that involved child custody, I have the professional background that most divorce coaching service providers do not.  My experience as a family law professional serves as a very valuable benefit to those I represent because I see things from a full perspective.  I understand what women fear most about going to court to face biased judges, or that women rely solely on their lawyers to make decisions leading to catastrophic outcomes, or how women need support in asserting themselves when negotiating.   I know these things because I served in several capacities in Family Court cases, with a major focus on high conflict cases.


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Coaching Packages

I offer a few packages to choose from based on where you are in your case, the depth of the issues, the extent to which you need support, as well as your financial resources.   Divorce coaching and child custody cases are typically not “transactional” matters, in that there is no way to determine the length of time they take to resolve.  Some cases that start out as amicable often wind up being the most contentious, and vice versa.  One sure thing that will help you minimize the length of time, the amount of stress & overwhelm as well as the legal costs, is having an experienced and supportive coach right by your side.   I can help you to decide which package best suits your needs once we discuss your case.

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Self-study Courses


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