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The A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method

💫Our Unique & Proven Process

We can NOT make you a lawyer, but we can certainly help you A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ your way to better Family Court results.🏆

♠️You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by letting us use our proven,
one of a kind A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method in your divorce or custody case.♣️

Family Court has THE highest disappointment rate in all of our courts, including criminal court. Whether self-represented or lawyer-represented, the Family Court experience is sure to list high on your list of traumatic experiences…ever.😒

Self-represented litigants unfortunately have an even higher disappointment rate when asked about their journey in Family Court. Between the failure of the court to acknowledge pro se litigants’ rights, the confusing court procedure (and rules) and the blatant bias, it’s unimaginable that any pro se litigant actually “win”. (No one wins in Family Court.) But, they do, they definitely win some of the battles if not the actual war. We have coached hundreds of pro se litigants to favorable outcomes in their divorce or custody case at various stages of their case too (and have the testimonials to prove it). 

We have worked with thousands of self-represented and lawyer-represented litigants for decades. We took something from each experience to come up with a method that is sure to get you those favorable results that you are working towards. 

Our A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ method (created by a former family law attorney with 20+ years experience in the field) doesn’t just look at the law because we know that Family Court is not only about the law, it’s more about strategy. So we created a method that will help you not only come up with a solid strategy to improve your odds, we help you execute it too.  Even though we know the importance of having a solid strategy, especially in an environment where the odds are stacked against you, we are also aware of the fact that EXECUTION is critical. 

Benefits of ADVOCATE Method
ADVOCATE Method Explained

What is the A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method? 

It is our unique and proven process we use to help you come up with an in-depth, solid Gameplan that will increase your chances of getting the results you want in Family Court.

We do this by taking into account: your current circumstances; your intended goals (short & long-term); the challenges you’re likely to face from all angles; the other party’s entire position; the laws, court process & court procedural rules that will likely impact your case and anything else we believe will have an effect on the overall outcome of your case. You will have something SOLID to get you through each stage of your case so that you are no longer “flying blind”, which tends to lead to disastrous results.  We work closely with you to gather relevant background information, complete our customized worksheets, to have strategy discussions, etc. all that is necessary to help create a Gameplan that works for YOU!!!

The A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.™ Method is used in most of our services (some of our Unbundled Services like, Document Preparation, Document Review, Legal Research & Uncontested Divorce are not suited for the process) as we aim to address your situation from a wholistic perspective to increase our success level. 

NOTE: We are NOT your attorney so we can’t give you legal advice. But we know for a fact that what you’ll gain from working with us can’t compare. 

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self-represented lawyer-represented

We saved our clients an estimated total of $350,000 in legal fees,
saved them countless hours and gotten most of them the outcome they wanted
by implementing our proprietary process working with
them on their Family Court case.
💰Let us do the same for you.⏲️ If you want more information on each of our services, check them out below. If you have any questions, feel free to use the chat feature to the right. ➡️

Tracey Bee, Family Court Strategist

Tracey Bee, Family Court Strategist™

The Consulting & Coaching process entails creating a Gameplan, regular video calls to discuss implementing tactics, researching nuanced issues in your case, looking at court documents to understand what’s going on, looking up your judge, screening new attorneys and so much more. We use several platforms and have a team of paralegals and legal assistants to help provide you the most efficient service. We meet on Zoom or on the phone, use Google workspace (& Dropbox) for document exchange, have access to research databases and so on.

We give you that more direct 1:1 support you need so that you can make moves as issues come up.  All you have to do is decide that you need more help making practical decisions, understanding how procedure works, choosing the best route for your overall goals and so on. You can choose any of the 3 packages, 1, 3 or 6-months and we will set you up for Family Court success. (NOTE: This service is not intended to help you prepare for trial, as our Trial Prep service is ideal for that.)

Rates start for onetime meetings $250, for monthly packages $1,695 and up.

The Unbundled Services process is different for each one of our services. Document Review requires your documents be uploaded to Google Drive or simply sent via Gmail. We review it to ensure accuracy & give you feedback.

Document Preparation requires that you provide copies of relevant documents and a completed Intake so that we can prepare the requested document accurately. We use our state approved library of forms, at no extra cost to you.

Legal Research or Judge Lookup, requires you share with us the topics or issues you want researched and/or the name of the judge you want us to find information on. (NOTE: We make no guarantees of results as results are based solely on what is available.)

Attorney Search/Screen requires you share with us all the details of your case, past attorneys in the case and any other players involved in your case. We will take the time to find the best fit for you based on all of these.

Each of these services have a quick turnaround time (ranging from 3 -10 business days with a RUSH option available) and will be given direct attention by our experienced team. 

Go here for a more detailed breakdown of the Process for Unbundled Services. Rates start at $199.

***Our Strategic Plan (Casemap), costs $1,495 or Best Interests of the Child Report, costs $995, are unique and cost-effective ways to prepare your case for any stage of the Family Court process.  

The Uncontested Divorce process is centered around what works best for you. We will need you to share with us all the background information (through our Intake form) and the filing fees. Once we have this, we prepare the necessary forms* and provide them to you for signing. We can file the documents in court*, instruct you on how to have the other party served and then submit the final documents for the Divorce Decree (filing and service fees separate). (NOTE: We don’t do any court appearances for you.)

If you and the other party are willing to settle & agree or you have already done most of the work but need a second set of eyes to ensure that everything was done correctly.  You can simply submit your proposed Agreement or completed documents and we will review the documents for accuracy and then complete the process for you. 

Rates start at $695.

The Trial Preparation process is a much more in depth process and requires more of our attention. We assign an experienced trial prep paralegal in your location to ensure that every detail is covered. It is more important to help you prepare by focusing on every important aspect of your case as it will be presented to the court for decision. 

Some of the things we help with: set up a file for you on our trial prep platform, meet with you weekly, access your court’s portal to check on important details, prepare necessary trial documents, research relevant issues, search for & conduct background search of witnesses, look up attorneys, judges, etc., organize your evidence, and so much more. We do this using several platforms geared specifically towards trial preparation. (NOTE: It is best to hire us at least 60 days before your scheduled trial to get the best assistance.)


***We only work with 2 Trial Preparation clients at a time so it is advisable to apply as soon as you know your case is going to trial.**

Rates start at $4,995 (Payment plans available. Restrictions apply.)

The Evidence Organization process is a shorter version of the full service Trial Preparation service. Although it is as in depth with how we help, we only cover the evidence portion of your case (for when your case is going to hearing or trial). It requires the assistance of our trial prep paralegal as well.  After you upload all of your evidence the paralegal will sort through it, organize it and start to label it based on the issues in your case. 

The more evidence you have, the more nuanced the case issues and the more complex the case the more time and attention given to your case. We take the time to ensure that you get the best use of all the relevant evidence you have. (NOTE: It is ideal to hire us for this service at least 60 days before your scheduled hearing or trial date.)

Rates start at $1,495.

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