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Please take the time to visit my Website  to familiarize yourself with the services I offer.  To make the most of our 15 minutes it is advisable that you have an idea of what you need help with. Unfortunately, I have to limit these consultations to the time allotted (although you can schedule an hour consultation for $250) since they are gratuitous. Thank you for your interest!


NEW! It’s finally here Pro Se Family Court Coaching Membership program.  Check out the details here.


  • You MUST confirm our meeting at least ONE HOUR BEFORE the scheduled time (you will automatically receive a confirmation email the day of the scheduled meeting). If you do not, the meeting will be CANCELED. Once canceled, you will NOT be able to reschedule a FREE meeting.  Only paid meetings will be available. 
  • The meetings are held via Zoom so please ensure you have a quiet environment and a good, reliable internet connection.
  • I do record the meetings, so that I can keep a record of your issues in the event we wind up working together.
  • There is a 5 minute grace, after that I have to cancel the meeting if you have not signed in.
  • If you miss ONE free consultation without PRIOR notice or immediate response, you will be unable to schedule another.  I block out time for these consultations, so unexplained missed appointments creates issues for me and other prospects.
  • If you sign on and I am not present, please feel free to message me (via email or Facebook Messenger) to follow up as there might be technical difficulties.
  • I only give ONE free consultation, any additional time will have to be billed. (You can follow up via email, however, at no additional cost.)
  • You will receive a follow up email that will summarize all of the services I offer, just to remind you of what is available. In addition, I may send a personalized email if there is something else I would like to add or elaborate on.
  • Visit here to find out more about which services would best suit you and exactly how my process works.  You can choose Coaching, Consulting or a one-time specific task like the Strategic Action Plan, Best Interests of the Child Analysis, Trial Prep, or any other one of our Unbundled Services
  • For my rates visit HERE.
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DISCLAIMER:  The advice you receive is in no way meant to substitute legal representation in your case.  The consultation is purely based on information that is not specific to your jurisdiction.  I am not representing you in any fashion and recommend that you consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction to get appropriate legal advice.  I am not responsible for the outcome of your case for the decisions you make based on our discussions. Thank you for this understanding.