Our Unbundled Services

Do you need help with specific tasks in your Do it Yourself, self -represented or pro se divorce or custody case? Check out our Unbundled Services to choose which specific item(s) we can help you with.

Our Unbundled Services are the perfect option for your case if you only need help with a specific task or part of your Family Court case.  Ideal for the self-represented or pro se Family Court litigant, you can also use Unbundled Services if you have a lawyer or while you’re shopping around for one. 

These options are ideal if you need help with:

Under what circumstances
would I need Unbundled Services?

If you are self-represented or pro se in Family Court, in between attorneys, or have little time to find an attorney, you might need help RIGHT NOW with certain parts of your divorce or custody case. Going through Family Court is emotional and add the confusion of how to file things, what to file and when to file them only makes it worse. And, it helps to keep legal costs down tremendously if you pay for these things as you go as opposed to trying to come up $5-10,000 for just an initial deposit for a lawyer to do them.  

Scenario #1:
You were served with a document and you need to respond fast but don't know how.

Scenario #2:
You are concerned about your child's safety so you need to go file a motion.

Scenario #3:
You have a hearing scheduled and you need to subpoena records.

Scenario #4:
You are going to mediation and you need a parenting plan to present to the other party.