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Rates & Fees

Affordable, Professional Solutions for Family Court Litigants

Unbundled Services:

Document Preparation (with edits)

Original Petitions/Complaints ($99 and up): petitions for custody or visitation, child support, name change, divorce, etc.
Modification/Contempt/Relocation Petitions ($299 and up): petitions for custody or visitation modification, child support modification, contempt petitions, relocation petitions, etc. 
Motions/Emergency Motions ($299 and up): ex parte motions, motions to reargue, Order to Show Cause motions, etc.
Responses/Answers ($99 and up): responses to petitions, motions, etc. 
Discovery Requests & Demands ($149 and up): discovery requests, discovery responses//answers, etc. 
Interrogatories ($199 and up): responses or demands for Interrogatories

Trial Memo ($399 and up): trial preparation memo with exhibits, witness list, etc. based on issues in case.
Prenuptial/Settlement Agreements ($299 and up): prenuptial, antenuptial or post-nuptial agreements, Marital Settlement Agreements, property settlement agreements, custody settlement agreements, etc. 
Financial Disclosure/Affidavit ($149 and up): financial affidavits for custody, child support or divorce 
Separation Agreements ($149 and up): legal separation agreements
Subpoena ($99): subpoena for financial records, business records, medical records, etc. 
Correspondence ($79): Demand, Request for refund, Follow Up etc. letters, emails. 
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) ($499): formal petition/order to receive retirement benefits
Uncontested Divorce (Do it Yourself) ($299): petition, financial affidavit, complaint, child support worksheet, all forms necessary for Uncontested Divorce.


*If you need to have the document FILED in court, ask about having this service added when you complete the Initial order form. Additional service and filing fees required. 

**RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100 or more, depending on document.

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Document Review (with suggested edits)

Original Petition/Complaint ($79 and up)
Answer/Responses ($99 and up)
Motions/Oppositions  ($149 and up)
Modification/Contempt/Relocation ($199 and up)
Discovery Requests & Demands ($119 and up)
Interrogatories ($129 and up)
Prenuptial/Settlement Agreements ($199 and up)
Financial Disclosure/Affidavit ($99 and up)
Separation Agreements ($99 and up)
Subpoena ($59)
Correspondence($59 and up)
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) ($299)
Uncontested Divorce (Do it Yourself) ($249)

**RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100 or more, depending on document.

Caselaw Research ($250/hr.): find cases to support your position/argument, to prepare motions, to convince the judge, etc. 

Background or Asset/Financial Search ($99 and up): locate parties, find personal information, etc.; find hidden assets & finances and more. 

Attorney Search & Screening ($99):  help finding a competent attorney, screening them, etc.

Judge Lookup ($99 and up): find out how your judge has ruled in cases similar to yours, their background, etc. 

Process Server ($150 and up): have parties served within the US, with petitions, motions, etc. 

Uncontested Divorce (NY or NJ) ($599+ plus fees): all steps of Uncontested Divorce completed for you.

STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN (CASEMAP) ($1,500 and up depending on the complexity of the case): the most comprehensive report customized and created based on EVERY single detail, fact & circumstance of your case.  I gather all the facts from an interview with you, evidence you have, court documents, etc.  Then I research all relevant caselaw and your judge’s prior decisoins/rulings in similar cases. Next, I find out information about the attorneys involved in the case.  Once this is done, I analyze the issues of case, focusing on the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  I wrap it all up by presenting the best possible strategy for presenting or defending your case for success.  This report takes quite a bit of research, data gathering, etc. and usually takes 7-10 days.  It can range anywhere from 12 to 20 pages depending on the number of issues in your case. The objective of this casemap is provide you with a comprehensive resource that will help you understand the legal process, navigate the system and to prepare the best strategic positioning for your specific case. 

Coaching & Consulting

1- on-1: $250/hr or 3, 6 or 12 month Packages.

   1-month: $1,495 includes unlimited professional advice via email, biweekly 1 hour phone/video calls, private group with access to workshops, guides, etc.

   3-months: $3,995 includes professional advice via TEXT (or similar app), biweekly 1 hour phone/video calls, AND DISCOUNTED Unbundled Services.

   6-months: $6,995 includes unlimited advice via TEXT message (or similar app), WEEKLY 1 hour phone/video calls, AND THREE (3) Unbundled Services. (Document Preparation, Document Review, Personal Background Search, Attorney Screening or Caselaw Research).

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Group Programs: COMING SOON.

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