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SupportPay: this platform is all about managing, tracking and paying child support and alimony. Though it helps to have both parents participate in the app, only one actually is required to do so.

Mend: an app that might help you recover from the painful end of your relationship. When you first sign up, you give one reason for the breakup (infidelity, fell out of love, etc.), indicate the last time you had any contact with your ex, and go on from there.

coParenter: lets a parent send a secure, non-trackable notification to the other parent, whenever picking up or dropping off the kids. Smart filters can help keep communications between the parties clean

OurFamilyWizard: includes several potentially useful tools for parents raising kids separately together.

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Require assistance on your pro se family law or DIY Family Court, divorce or custody case? Check out our Unbundled Services.

Our Unbundled Services present you with an advanced alternative to hiring a lawyer, while also remaining much more affordable. Our revolutionary strategies and consultation will equip you to tackle your Family Court case with ease.

Our unbundled services are your ideal choice if you need help with:

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If you are pro se in Family Court, or if you are representing yourself in your Family Court case, you may find yourself in a situation where you will need assistance from a professional. Our Unbundled Services are specifically designed to provide you with all the support you require in a divorce or custody battle. If you are pro se or representing yourself, working on an agreement or resolution with the other party or just want to keep legal costs down by handling portions of your case yourself, our Unbundled Services are what you need. 

You require help drafting a modification petition

You require
outside assistance

You require assistance in extensive research

You require assistance in firing your lawyer

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We use our professional expertise to ensure that the documents we prepare meet your state’s requirements. We Prepare and Review documents such as: