Family Court is about Law Strategy!

Hello! I’m Tracey Bee,

Pro Se Family Court Strategist, with almost 20 years experience in family law.

Where did I start?

I practiced in Family Court for decades representing families in custody, relocation, modification, contempt, and high conflict divorces.  I worked as a Guardian ad Litem, mediator and lawyer in several hundred cases throughout my career.  After years of working with parties in Family Court I got to understand the real issues that prevent them from getting the outcomes they expect. And although I was successful in getting the best decisions/rulings for me, they seldom satisfied my clients.  I went from practicing law to becoming the only Pro Se Family Court Strategist that exists. 

How did I get here?

As a result, I decided to take a different approach to help Family Court litigants.  To become a Pro Se Family Court Strategist I  have gotten formal training as a Coach, Mediator, and Parent Coordinator (AFCC) so that I can help parties approach things differently.  I decided to work with them on strategy, a concept often overlooked by attorneys.  So now instead of limiting my focus to the law, I am able to look at the client’s case from a holistic approach.  I can focus on the practical and the tactical while in the purview of the law.  My work understands that the practical overlaps with the legal…which helps to create a solid STRATEGY!

What can I do for you as a Pro Se Family Court Strategist ?

You have other options now! NO ONE else is offering the services I provide. My unique skills, extensive experience and my fierce dedication make you destined to “win”. Take control of your case and work with me to finally get what you deserve.

Why should you work with me?

Because you owe to yourself and your family.  Working with a lawyer is not an option while working with someone with experience should be.  You should at least explore the benefits & advantages of working with Pro Se Family Court Strategist. Still not sure then take advantage of the FREE consultation, to see how my focus on strategy can help you. 

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 NOTE: I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW IN YOUR CASE.  The services offered are advisory and will remain in that capacity.  If you need legal advice, I suggest you speak to an attorney in your jurisdiction  


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