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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Still have questions about how we can help?

If you are looking for help with a one time, Unbundled Service then you can go to the My Process page to complete the Intake form.  

If you are considering our Coaching or Consulting service, please reach out on the Contact Us page to get started. 

If you are unsure, please take advantage of our free consultation. 



Please check out our rates here. 

We suggest that you hire a lawyer in situations where there is high conflict, personality or mental disorders and/or complex issues. 

Our  service helps to facilitate your working with your team of professionals. If you feel that your day to day life is significantly impaired by feelings of hopelessness, despair and sadness, then seeking professional help may be wise.

As a strategist & coach, I  serve as a facilitator, an accountability partner, an extra set of eyes, ears and hands to ensure that the process goes much more smooth. I bridge the gap between your therapist and lawyer. Your lawyer will handle all the legal stuff, your therapist will focus on how your past affects your future, and I will cover everything in between as your strategist/coach. If you want a better outcome overall you can’t afford to not have me on your side. 

We can review documents before filing, submission or sending to the opposing side or your lawyer or other professionals in the case. But we also have a team of qualified lawyers that can review your legal documents pertaining to your Family Court matter. 

I can provide coaching to individuals worldwide but that is it. My consulting and Unbundled Services are limited to the USA.

Webinars, exercises, live calls, and so much more. We are constantly adding to this package. 

Yes Tracey Bee has practiced family law for decades and so her services are based on skills developed in that capacity. In addition, we focus on helping you prepare for future success in your new life and journey. We focus on the emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the legal and practical. 

I am a strategist & coach. 

Apart from these FAQs, just shoot us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

You can reach us via Contact form right on the website, phone or email.  If you need to know how the process works, visit the My Process page. 

You can subscribe to my Newsletters and email list if you would like to keep informed of new laws, freebies and new services. 

Yes, consulting focused more on the fundamentals of your case.  I can help you strategize everything from timing your filing, to negotiating settlement.

Coaching is more of a “shoulder to lean on” service where I help with the emotional, spiritual, etc. aspects. 

Yes if you sign up for one of the 1 0n 1 or group packages, you get discounts on some services.


Also, if you need more than one of the Unbundled Services, you can ask for a discount.

The best way to reach me is via email. However, you can always call and I will  respond back within 48 hours. 

Yes. I offer ONE TIME  free 15 min consultations to answer any questions you have about my services.  Go here to set it up. 

We also work with several professionals on an as needed basis, to help meet the additional needs of your divorce coach or child custody case with efficiency.
Feel free to Contact Us if you don't find answers.

Our Services

Avail our exciting services!

We provide professional assistance with all your divorce as well as child custody needs. We will ensure that your experience with divorce or child custody is not as traumatic as it often is. You can now get in touch with our expert Divorce Coach to get free divorce consultation. Hence settle all your divorce related matters.


the divorce coach

Unbundled Services

We can help you prepare family law documents, review documents that you prepared or drafted by Someone else. Legal research judges search and attorney screening are offered as well. We also conduct personal Background searches, asset searches, and more according to your needs.

the divorce coach


Avail our support and guidance as you proceed through the legal processes. We can definitely advise you if you need a “court buddy” to accompany you to every court or mediation hearing, a second set of Eyes as backup & or just someone on call to answer your questions. We are here for all your legal needs.

the divorce coach


We have assistance available where we are with you at each step, to offer emotional support to help alleviate the stress & strain that usually accompanies most divorces & child custody cases. We can positively support you when your support system is nonexistent or just isn’t enough to carry your pain.

divorce without a lawyer NJ
the divorce coach


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