Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Still have questions about how we can help?

1 If you are looking for someone to draft a Custody petition or Show Cause Motion.

2. If you have a court order that you don’t understand.

3. If you are trying to decide if you should start a custody case.

4. If you are wondering if you should file a Contempt motion.

5. If you need help understanding the court procedure.

If any of these apply to you I can help.

Either Unbundled Services or Coaching or Consulting service, please reach out on the Contact Us page to get started. 

If you are unsure, please take advantage of our free consultation. 

My rates for Unbundled Services are a lot less than working with a lawyer. My consulting and coaching rates don’t compare to lawyers AND you get way more attention & support than you would working with an attorney.

Please check out our rates here. 

We suggest that you hire a lawyer in situations where there is high conflict, personality or mental disorders and/or complex issues like severe parental alienation. 

Our  service helps to facilitate your working with your team of professionals. If you feel that your day to day life is significantly impaired by feelings of hopelessness, despair and sadness, then seeking professional help may be wise.  I believe in working on EVERY aspect of your issues, this is how we create STRATEGY. 

My focus on what most lawyers overlook, that is strategy. Most of them claim to have one but that’s usually at the initial meeting when they just want you to give them the initial retainer fee. I look at every single detail and fact of your case to help you make practical and tactical decisions from a emotional/mental, practical, financial and legal perspective. The law should not be the only focus, that’s what lawyers are trained to do though and that is not what you need.  Family Court is 20% law, 80% strategy. 

This is something I developed after spending years trying to figure out how to best use my skills, expertise and experience. I don’t know anyone else doing what I do and if they are it’s because they finally figured out that it is what gets the REAL results in Family Court. 

The work I am doing isn’t new, the concept is.  In other words, I am using my skills that I developed as a lawyer and applying them in a laser focused way. Strategy takes critical thinking, creativity and resourcefulness-all skills I mastered in my years of practice in Family Court as a lawyer, guardian ad litem and mediator.  You don’t have to take my word for it though, join my Facebook group or follow me on social media to see what people are saying about how I’ve helped them. 

For example, I will review all of your evidence like texts, videos, emails, social media posts; all of your court documents; get all the background info from you and come up with a plan of attack.  You will know how to use illegal evidence, establish your case for emotional abuse, incorporate the police when they refuse to act and so on. I will show you how EVERY SINGLE detail has a use no matter the source.

I am more than a divorce coach. I work with almost anyone* who has a case in Family Court who wants to position their case for getting better rulings.   The practical is as important as the legal, I have experience in BOTH.

I am a strategist & coach. 

Divorce coaches focus mainly on supporting you with the mental/emotional and the theoretical, not the real stuff that poses you the most challenge.

Apart from these FAQs, just shoot us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

You can reach us via Contact form right here on the website, call by phone or send an email-all of this is on the Home page.  If you need to know how the process works, visit the My Process page. 

Or go right to the Intake form so that we can get you a quote. 

You can join my group – Pro Se (Self Represented) Help for Divorce & Custody on Facebook to stay connected.  You can also sign up to be added to my email list when you join the group.

Being on the email list will enable you to get news about new services & products, to receive discounts and to stay connected no matter what. 

Yes, consulting is focused more on the overall strategy of your case. It’s implementing a gameplan for your entire case and the process. While coaching is intended to help you with a specific aspect like preparing for a hearing, preparing for mediation, etc. 

Coaching is more of a like having a task master to help with the intricate tasks.

You have options:

If you are involved in a high conflict divorce and can’t afford an attorney (or have an attorney but would like more hand holding), then the Consulting would best for you.


If you are about to start or are already in a custody, relocation or contempt case and need a one time analysis then the Best Interests Analysis or Strategic Action Plan may be best for you. Whether you have an attorney or not.


If you just need help filling out your Discovery Responses or Interrogatories then the Document Preparation may be what you need.

But if you are unsure or think you need several services or help on a continuous basis then you should get a FREE consultation.

Most of our services start with you filling out an Intake form so that we can get an idea of what type of case you have, the issues, what outcome you want, etc. But you can get more details about the process here. 

No I cannot but I can help you find one in your area.  You can ask for a Referral from my Referral List or you can take advantage of the Unbundled Service-Attorney Search/Screen.  The Unbundled Service is a more in depth screening and matching service that helps you narrow it down to the best 3 options based on the facts of your specific case. Learn more here. 

That depends on which one of the services you purchased.  You can find out the turnaround times for each service here. 

Yes we can help you with your trial preparation. We offer trial preparation services that range from just giving you some practical tips, to interactive workshops to a full service trial prep option.  

Unfortunately there are absolutely NO GUARANTEES in family law (or any other area of law for that matter). But I can assure you that you will feel 100% more satisfied with the outcome knowing that you:

  • were more prepared;
  • had the level of support we provide;
  • got more of the answers you need that we provided;
  • that you gave it your ALL;
  • didn’t go broke fighting for your family;
  • wasn’t ripped off by crooked lawyers;
  • took control over something so important;
  • built up your confidence, became more empowered and ready to deal with any future court actions the OP might bring against you. 

We don’t offer refunds, but we will work with you until you get at least the QUALITY & LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM you deserve.  We take our clients seriously and appreciate you entrusting us with something this important. So we do what we can to show you our appreciation for your trust. 

No, we don’t work with attorneys on your case. However, you can certainly let us know if there is something specific you need us to contact your attorney for. NOTE: You would need to give them permission to discuss your case with us. 


The same goes for your mental health therapist, domestic violence counselor, etc. 

Aside from my law background, I am a trained mediator, trained divorce coach, a published writer, public speaker and have tons of experience in real life 😁. All of this makes me uber (do people still use that word) qualifiied to help you in your divorce or custody case. 

I went through Family Court with my son’s Dad so I have that experience as well. 

We also work with several professionals on an as needed basis, to help meet the additional needs of your divorce coach or child custody case with efficiency.

Feel free to Contact Us if you didn't find the answers you're looking for.