The Diavorce Solutionist

Document Preparation or Review

Need 1-on-1 support while you try to figure out the "right" way to handle things? Family Court Coaching can definitely help!

Some people need help with a specific task in their case. Self-represented litigants, particularly, often have situations where they need something done ASAP, or are between attorneys, or have a deadline to meet.  That’s where we come in. Our Document Preparation and Document Review have been a life saver for hundreds of Family Court litigants. 

NOTE: We are unable to give legal advice. We have experienced legal professionals on our team to help provide these services. 

Document Preparation

Documents Included:
  • Custody Petitions
  • Modification of Custody, Visitation
  • Contempt
  • Relocation
  • Answers, Responses
  • Oppositions, Objections
  • Demand Letters or Other Letters
  • Parenting Plans, Agreements
  • Discovery Demands & Requests

Document Review

Documents Included:
  • Transcripts
  • Court Orders
  • Reports, Records
  • Agreements, Stipulations
  • Briefs
  • Trial Documents
  • Financial Records
  • Titles, Deeds, etc.

Strategy Session

  • Discuss the document
  • Review court procedure
  • Explain service of process
  • Explore further options
  • Arrange for follow-up services

Our Unbundled Services are:

Provided by experienced professionals.

Prepared with quick turnaround times with RUSH option.

Done in accordance with your jurisdiction requirements.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction.