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The Pro Se Family Court Membership Affiliate Program

Help me help others and get rewarded for your efforts.

The desire to make a difference is what drives many of us fundamentally as human beings. Making a difference begins with taking one little step. With The Divorce Solutionist, you are provided with an opportunity to change lives, one person at a time …… and be financially rewarded for it! Divorce Solutionist requires your assistance in reaching out to those in need of our services.

Become a part of something great, no matter who or where you are in life/your journey you can make a difference.

Pro Se Membership Program

Being Pro Se in family court comes with lots of challenges. Our Pro Se Membership program is designed to provide Pro Se individuals a smooth and streamlined experience through family court.

Our Pro Se Membership Program was conceived amidst the pandemic, while all of us were grappling with several difficulties. The current family court system is against pro se individuals, who happen to face unfair, traumatizing trials due to their lack of support. Divorce Solutionist’s Pro Se Membership Program is designed to provide all the guidance and aid these individuals need. This program is unlike any other service offered for pro se litigants. We offer three unique options for Pro Se individuals to choose from, based on the level of support they require. All members are provided with strategic and emotional support, in addition to the coaching which is designed to understand court procedures and the law.

What this means to you…


As an affiliate, you will be a integral part of team that helps change lives.  I’m not just talking about changing lives on an individual or temporary basis. No, I mean you will have a significant impact on families, that means children will have a shot at a better future with the work you will help in getting them.  How would that make you feel? I can answer that for you…it will give a sense of purpose, of meaning and fulfillment. 

We are only getting started, for in the coming few years, our Membership program is expected to grow exponentially as free legal resources available to low-income individuals continue to dry up. Pro se litigants will continue to seek other options that are not just affordable but are effective at getting the results they want. Becoming an affiliate now will pave your path towards a much more client-rich future.

Are you the right fit?

If you possess these traits, then our affiliate membership program is undoubtedly for you:

If this is you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to have an intimate conversation and see if you are a fit for our affiliate program. We hand pick our affiliates so we know each one by name and ensure that you are perfectly aligned with our vision and outcomes.

Inner Circle Affiliates earn 20% for each referral.

Each coach who signs up for the one-year program through your unique affiliate link will earn you about $1,000 when they secure their seat in Mentor Masterclass. The sister that joins Mentor Masterclass must use your unique link first to sign up for the program in order for you to receive a commission.

The best news for you is that Membership is an open, rolling enrollment.

That means you have the opportunity to make money throughout the entire year. Woot woot!

Additionally, there will be 1 BIG launch a year where you can earn ADDITIONAL prizes for being the highest-earning affiliate. Our Holiday Challenge is promoted in early December, so be sure to mark the first two weeks of December on your calendar. You can find the actual dates on your Affiliate Center. All of our partners send one solo email to their list and participate in the fun challenge via social media. It’s an awesome way to gain visibility, leverage your community, and spread the word about self-care and enjoying the holidays. But that’s not all! You get to learn to be your own confident, capable guru that walks the talk.

My goal is to transform as many lives and businesses in the coaching community as possible. I would love to have you in my group of affiliate partners.

How does it work?

If someone is referred to any of our services by using your unique link and then signs up, you will receive a commission based on each sale.

As a member of my Affiliate Circle, you’ll have access to real-time, accurate sales tracking. You will also get an email every time you make a sale that you can use to also keep track of your success. 


Mentor Masterclass is a rolling program. Although we have one big “launch” each year, you can promote our Self-Discovery week anytime that feels good for you. This allows you to promote Mentor Masterclass throughout the year. It is in our interest to make it worth YOUR while.

Each time your referral results in a yearly sign up to the Mentor Masterclass program using your unique affiliate link as their last-click before joining us. Payouts are made via PayPal approximately 60 days after the program starts for any new client that used use as their last-click to find Mentor Masterclass, enroll and complete their full investment after our money back guarantee.

You get to choose how you’ll get paid! You can choose either check or Paypal as a medium of payment after the refund period is over for each sale made. Our shopping cart system does all the work for us and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to our site anytime to access information about your stats or provided marketing materials. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you have questions at any time, please contact Sharon, my affiliate manager, at and she’ll be happy to help you.

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