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Family Court is about Strategy!

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Hello! I’m Tracey Bee,

Family Court Professional for almost 20 years

Where did I start?

I practiced in Family Court for decades representing families in custody, relocation, modification, contempt and high conflict divorces.  I worked as a Guardian ad Litem, mediator and lawyer in several hundred cases throughout my career.  After years of working with parties in Family Court I got to understand the real issues that prevent them from getting the outcomes they expect. And although I was successful in getting the best decisions/rulings for me, they seldom satisfied my clients. 

How did I get here?

As a result, I decided to take a different approach to help Family Court litigants. I  have gotten formal training as a Coach, Mediator and Parent Coordinator (AFCC) so that I can help parties approach things differently.  I decided to work with them on strategy, a concept often overlooked by attorneys.  So now instead of limiting my focus to the law, I am able to look at client’s case from a wholistic approach.  I can focus on the practical and the tactical while in the purview of the law.  My work understands that the practical overlaps with the legal…which helps to create a solid STRATEGY!

What can I do for you?

You have other options now! NO ONE else is offering the services I provide. My unique skills, extensive experience and my fierce dedication make you destined to “win”. Take control of your case and work with me to finally get what you deserve.

Why should you work with me?

Because you owe to yourself and your family.  At least take advantage of the FREE consultation, to see how my focus on strategy can help you. 

P.S. Want to see how I work and get free advice, join my Facebook Group, Pro Se (Self Represented) Help for Divorce and Custody.  


Contact me if you want me to help you if:

  • You are self represented and need help;
  • You Lost faith in the system;
  • Are tired of getting ripped off by lawyers;
  • Are in between lawyers but still need help;
  • Have questions about the decisions your lawyer is making for you;
  • Need help understanding how & when to use the law to your advantage;
  • Reveal the truth about CPS and how to defend yourself against them;
  • Teach you how to outwit your narcissistic Ex/Soon to be Ex in all negotiations;
  • Make practical moves that allows you to circumvent the court;
  • Gather & use evidence successfully in any aspect of your case;
  • Work with you to adequately prepare for forensics experts interview;
  • Ensure that the GAL provides a fair & accurate report;
  • Locate hidden financial information and assets;
  • Work side by side with you to guide you, support & advise at every stage of your divorce or custody case AND/OR;
  • Show you how to develop with a strategy that will get you better results.

Unbundled Services – Coaching – Consulting – Mediation

The Divorce Solutionist can definitely help you no matter where you are in your case and no matter your circumstances.

 NOTE: I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW IN YOUR CASE.  The services offered are advisory and will remain in that capacity.  If you need legal advice, I suggest you speak to an attorney in your jurisdiction

Our Services

NO ONE else is going to get you the results the way you want!

We focus on strategy because that’s what actually works.  Whether you are self represented and attorney represented you need to take control. We can work with you on a ONE-TIME basis to create our Unique Strategic Action Plan (Unbundled Services). Or if you need more in depth support we can work with you on strategy on a continual basis (Coaching/Consulting). All of our services focus on what’s best for your case from a practical, legal AND financial position.

the divorce coach

Unbundled Services

We offer a la carte services for specific legal needed. They include: preparing or reviewing any document; researching issues; doing investigations; creating a customized STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN, Best Interests Analysis or Trial Preparation. WE SELL BLANK FORMS TOO.

the divorce coach


We offer support for those who need more 1 on 1 help with their case. Consulting focuses more on the practical aspects of your case with a view of the law and procedures on a one time or consistent basis. Have someone to help you at every stage. Don't leave any details uncovered in your case.

the divorce coach


This is ideal for self represented parties who need 1 on 1 support as they try to work through the Family Court system on their own. Coaching provides help with the court procedures, the practical measures and the overall process. Group or Membership programs available too.



Mediation is ideal for those who are looking for an affordable method to resolve their divorce or custody issues. You get to make the decisions with the help of a neutral third party experienced professional. Not all cases need to go the court route. Save yourself time, stress and money.

What People Say About Me!

  • Someone asked me where did I find you Ms. Bee, I told them God sent you

    Clara B.

  • What you are doing to help women like me is so needed and I appreciate you for it

    Sasheema M.

  • Your services are one of a kind and are making a difference, may God bless you

    Toni M.

  • I wish I found you before I wasted so much money on lawyers.  I needed you from the beginning but I’m glad I found you now

    Nadia L.

  • I have worked with lawyers before and they are all only concerned with making money off of their clients. You are very different

    Karina O.

  • You have found your calling as a divorce consultant and coach, I am so happy for you.  You saved me tons of headaches, heartaches and money

    Lisa W.

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