Pro Se Family Court Membership:
Advanced Level Plan

Need 1-on-1 support while you try to figure out the "right" way to handle things? Family Court Group Coaching can definitely help!

Self-representing can be so Empowering!

Self-representation should NEVER be done alone, there’s always several blind spots.  

How to present your texts, screenshots, audio as evidence?

How to get your judge to sign your subpoenas?

How to cross-examine the other party’s witnesses?

How to get the judge to overrule your opponent’s objections?

How to choose the most important issues?

These are just some of the things that are guaranteed to come up as you go through your court case.  You need to have someone on deck to help you find answers.  

Your time is limited in Family Court, don’t waste one second of it being confused. 


Advanced Level features includes:

Package valued at over $3,000 for only $299/mo.*


Advanced Level is ideal for:

  • Self-represented or pro se who needs support and guidance understanding court filings & deadlines;
  • Anyone who feels like they have been shafted enough by attorneys;
  • The party who feels like the other party has lied enough & it’s time to set the record straight;
  • The litigant who doesn’t understand how to use text messages, photos, etc. to make their case;
  • The person who realizes that opposing counsel will play games;
  • The parent who is trying to protect their child in a dysfunctional court system;
  • Anyone who believes they could benefit from having a second set of eyes & ears to help them catch key details;
  • The individual who is smart enough to know that the court will show favoritism to the lawyers instead of the pro se;
  • Anyone who is healing from emotional abuse and needs a voice in court;
  • Anyone who is dealing with a narcissist and wants to finally get a “win”;
  • Anyone who is has been manipulated & controlled and wants to set boundaries;
  • Anyone who is afraid to confront their abuser but know they need to;
  • Anyone who needs support learning to keep their emotions in check to avoid self-sabotage;
  • Anyone who wants to get better outcomes without going bankrupt or losing everything.

NOT IDEAL for anyone who has extreme emotional distress, who has given up on their case, who find it difficult to work with anyone. 

*NOTE: The free forms are the ones already in the Library.  Does not include customized forms. 

**NOTE: There are limits to the number of documents reviewed and the number of hours of legal research.  



*There is a 3-month commitment for the Advanced Level program as that is the best way to get the benefits of its features. You will be charged for 3 months upfront.