The Diavorce Solutionist

Pro Se Family Court Membership:
Advanced Level Plan

Need 1-on-1 support while you try to figure out the "right" way to handle things? Family Court Coaching can definitely help!

Advanced Level features includes:

Package valued at over $3,000 for only $299/mo.

Advanced Level

Advanced Level ideal for:

  • Self-represented or pro se who cannot do it alone;
  • Anyone who feels completely overwhelmed, discouraged or confused by the Family Court system;
  • Anyone who wants a better result/outcome then they have gotten in the past;
  • Anyone who has been a victim of any type of abuse;
  • Anyone who doubts their ability to do this without the right practical, legal, emotional and strategic help/support;
  • Anyone who has worked with several different attorneys in the past;
  • Anyone who would like to meet regularly with other litigants going through similar situations.

NOT IDEAL for anyone who has extreme emotional distress, who has given up on their case, who find it difficult to work with anyone. 

*NOTE: The free forms are the ones already in the Library.  Does not include customized forms. 

**NOTE: The free consultation is only for those who pay for at least THREE (3) consecutive months in the Advanced Level. 



If the Membership Program is not what you need, feel free to ask about the Consulting/Coaching packages.